EuroHomeDirect Offers Top European Luxury Home Appliances to the Globe at European Retail Price

EuroHomeDirect has made buying premier luxury home appliances from European brands more affordable and easier by importing these products straight from the manufacturers. The company also guarantees most comprehensive stock for home decoration & makeover.

Hong Kong – Buying luxury home appliances from top European brands has never been this easy and inexpensive. Good news for homeowners planning a home makeover with classy European appliances but uneasy about the exorbitant price tags. EuroHomeDirect is offering high-end home appliances straight from well-known European brands including Miele, Gaggenau and Liebherr, yet at a very affordable European Retail Price anywhere in the world.

“European sellers do not usually sell internationally so until now buying directly from Europe was very complicated and requires a lot of organization and own initiative. Most importantly, sourcing home appliances from European brands has been extremely pricey given the series of middlemen involved in the whole process. Buyers living in regions like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and North America have to pay around 2x the price to buy European products compared to European consumers. But, not any more. EuroHomeDirect has resolved all such woes for you so that homeowners anywhere in the world can enjoy top European luxury home appliances at highly affordable rates”, stated one of the co-founders of EuroHomeDirect.

EuroHomeDirect sources the products directly from the manufacturers in Europe and sell them to end users worldwide, removing all the middlemen which consequently cuts down the prices and delivery time. The company holds two warehouses in the UK and Germany to process and ship orders promptly across the globe.

It all started with the company founders aspiring to renovate their own homes with top-class European luxury products. They observed that the same products from the same brands are around 2x more expensive in countries outside of Europe. It inspired them to create a solution where they import the top-branded European products themselves directly from manufacturers and then sell it to customers at a much affordable rate – thus EuroHomeDirect was born.

In the bid to be the one-stop resource for home renovation, EuroHomeDirect offers the most complete stock of products. At present, the company is bustling with a vast & versatile range of 200,000 products sourced from the most high-end brands to ensure both variety and premium quality. Other than kitchen appliances, EuroHomeDirect also offers branded sanitary ware including Dornbracht, Duravit, Emco, Axor; as well as designer furniture including Natuzzi, Minotti, B&B Italia, and Poliform – EuroHomeDirect offers almost everything needed for home decoration. The company also stocks high tech gadgets for contemporary homes including sci-fi gizmos like Smart Glass and Smart Home systems. All products from EuroHomeDirect are backed by a 1 year warranty.

Speaking further, the co-founder stressed EuroHomeDirect is also able to ship most new products faster than local retailers.

“Local retailers do not always have full stock of all the models from every brand and they often need to wait for distributors to send them new stock over from Europe. The whole ordering and shipping process creates a waiting time of 3-5 months. But there is no such issue with us. We source products directly from the source, which means we don’t have to wait for distributors to refill our stock. We ship most of the products to customers worldwide by air and it takes just a couple of weeks for the order to reach your doorstep. Your convenience is crucial for us.”

The company also offers installation services in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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