Nikolay Lebedev’s action-packed Russian thriller, THE CREW is an exciting, shocking and struggle for survival blockbuster that is blowing up on Amazon. A must-watch today!

Los Angeles, CA – July 27, 2018 – THE CREW is “a Russian disaster film that has you thinking you’ve seen this all before – until the final act, leaving you pleasantly satisfied in the end.”

Directed by award winning writer-director, Nikolay Lebedev (The Star, Legend No. 17), THE CREW (aka Ekipazh) is an adventure drama following a flight crew who risk their lives by their utilizing commercial planes to save those trapped by lava flows from an erupting volcanic island. Watch THE CREW today on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2yHmujV

“This is an extravagant Russian disaster film that bursts on to the screen with the confidence of a Hollywood blockbuster,” gleamed Screen Realm.

THE CREW follows Alexey Gushchin (Danila Kozlovsky), who is discharged from Russia’s military service and aircraft school, but is luckily awarded with a second chance to redeem himself by joining Russia’s passenger airplane program. He joins his new team of the stern, crew commander, Leonid Zinchenko (Vladimir Mashkov) and his new, breathtakingly beautiful co-pilot, Alexandra (Agne Grudyte). But, when the trio receives radio alerts of the disastrous erupting volcano, they set out for the life-or-death save the island’s inhabitants. A spectacle full of intense action, the rescue team’s courage is put to the test as they must put their differences aside, to work together and fulfill their courageous and selfless roles as captains.

The action is “slathered on thick and doesn’t relent until the final frame. Lava spills and flames roar as terrified people attempt to flee the inferno […] The Earth cracks open with such precision that it threatens to retract back into place at any moment, and planes explode […] The camera pans and tracks effortlessly throughout the action to make the most of the film’s setting and molten lava oozes into frame as cars weave in and out of peril,” described Screen Realm.

THE CREW is the second-ever Russian film shot using a 3D IMAX camera, with the first in Fedor Bondarchuk’s Stalingrad (2013). Filmed in Moscow and on the Crimean peninsula, with the volcanic-eruption occurring in the Indian Ocean, THE CREW used two planes; the Tupolev Tu-204SM (RA-64151 board) and the decommissioned Tupolev Tu-154 of Kosmos Airlines (RA-85796 board). The utilization of such techniques resulted in top-notch special effects, with spectacular VFX graphics and GFI stunts, elevating the action-adventure, resulting in a thrill-of-a-lifetime.

“A tense, daring rescue that feels quite original, and it’s edge-of-your seat stuff,” wrote Janks’ Reviews, THE CREW features an all-star of Danila Kozlovsky (Vampire Academy, Legend No. 17), Vladimir Mashkov (Mission: Impossible), Lithuanian actress, Agne Grudyte (Single Valentine), Sergey Gazarov (Revizor, 12), Katerina Shiptsa (Metro, Gemini), Sergey Shakurov (Velikaya) and Sergey Romanovich (Pitch). As a joy ride you won’t want to miss, watch ‘THE CREW’ on VOD platforms including Amazon today: https://amzn.to/2yHmujV.

THE CREW (2018, 101 min.) Directed by Nikolay Lebedev. Editor: Aleksey Bobrov. Cinematography: Irek Hartowicz. Original Music: Artem Vassiliev. Russia, Cambodia, French, Russian, English. Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK), Central Partnership, TriCoast Entertainment.

Production companies: Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK).

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