Starlight Capital Group to launch Beta version of the ARESPAY Application

Colorado, USA – July 27th, 2018 – Starlight Capital Group is actively building and testing beta versions for the ARESPAY App ahead of its public launch next year.

The beta version of the ARESPAY App will make its public debut in late August 2018 at Starlight Capital Group’s event in Bangkok, Thailand. The ARESPAY App will allow users to make payments in real-time by scanning the QR Codes of any payment platform.

As part of the beta process, selected partners will be given access to beta version of the ARESPAY App. Partners who have been shortlisted to participate in the trial of the ARESPAY App will receive an email allowing them to download the app in its beta version.

“The public launch of the beta version of the ARESPAY App marks a very significant step forward in ARESPAY’s development ,”said Nicholas Flint, Head of Digital & Programming at Starlight Capital Group. “With its upcoming public debut in August, we look forward to working with our partners in testing and perfecting every aspect of the ARESPAY App ahead of its launch next year.”

About Starlight Capital Group

Starlight Capital Group comprises of a team of data scientists, trading analysts and signal processing experts who are actively involved in the designing of proprietary algorithms for arbitrage trading. Through the provision of liquidity and matching orders, itis able to increase market efficiency and connectivity of crypto markets, allowing us to profit from every individual transaction. 

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