A Sparkling New Philosophy… ‘Thinking differently helps us move forward’

Sauk Centre, MN – July 30, 2018 – Educational Adventures, DBA as United Broker’s Network, is excited to announce the publication of a new book titled ‘Phy Ed Philosophy and the Brofistotle Model,’ in both hard copy and eBook formats.

The book is the result of a lifetime of musing over how they got to their current state of affairs in a busy, information-heavy, heart- starved world, and how their troubled times demand a new way of thinking very differently that will serve as a foundation for a more fulfilling future.

Who is this Brofistotle, and why are his musings not only of interest to thinking people, but to anyone who wants to learn to “think outside the box?” Brofistotle’s comment on the subtitle of his new book is “a new philosophy by a new philosopher.”

The book is funny and fun, snide and insightful, seditious and creative, supercilious and clear-minded, comical and sobering, blasphemous and respectful—often all at the same time.

Robert Brophy is pleased to bring Brofistotle’s Model of thinking differently to the world now, at a time when so many are determined to keep thinking the way they, and their ancestor’s, have thought for a 100 years. ‘While we predict the book will be heralded as a scathing expose of arrogant, confusing and misleading elements of society, we’re confident our book will spark serious debate and discussion in philosophy, science and religion around the world.’

It’s a vital theme because, often without being aware of it, many have had their viewpoints ‘spoon fed’ to them through educational, religious and scientific ‘experts’ teaching theories as if they were incontrovertible, well-proven fact… when they are not.

Knowing how we got to the current state of the world is essential, and has a direct effect on deciding—and getting — the kind of future we want.

‘Phy Ed Philosophy and the Brofistotle Model’ will expose readers to a very different way of thinking, helping them ‘think outside the box’ in a way that’s humorous, entertaining, challenging and, at the same time, educational.

The book is available now in hard copy or eBook format and can be ordered either from the Amazon Kindle store (search for ‘Phy Ed Philosophy’ or ‘Brofistotle’) or from the new website iambrofistotle.com/book/ There’s a short excerpt from the book there.

About Educational Adventures DBA United Brokers Network

Educational Adventures produces books, arranges tours and presents workshops and seminars designed to enable students of all ages to think more clearly, creatively and realistically as they learn.

Educational Adventures is a progressive 18 year old company conceived by Brofistotle. Their mission is to passionately address educational issues by providing students of all ages with a fresh, enjoyable educational adventure while learning.

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