Adult Coloring Book ‘Better Than Zen – Calming Kaleidoscopes’ Now Available from Amazon

July 30, 2018 – Coloring books are not merely a great way to relax, but can also become part of one’s meditation journey. A new adult coloring book, ‘Better Than Zen: Adult Coloring Book (Calming Kaleidoscopes) (Volume 1)’ is now out that comprises 25 Zen meditative coloring patterns designed to relax and enlighten.

Adult coloring books are a trend that has gone global. A calming and fun activity, coloring meditation is the next step to enhance the mood anytime one is free. ‘Better Than Zen’ is not merely a coloring book, but an entire journey one can take through exotic Asia, with coloring kaleidoscopes that are specially designed to relax and change one’s mood.

Better Than Zen is more than just a regular adult coloring book. Those unique kaleidoscopes are composed to bring you in a unique meditative state. Connect to your here and peaceful state through breathing and coloring,” says Natalie James, creator of ‘Better Than Zen’.

The Calming Kaleidoscope edition lets the users enter the world of Zen by using their own vibrant colors and imagination. Natalie James found inspiration to create this series after recuperating from a terrible ski accident. She had fallen in love with yoga and meditation while at the University, and the doodles that she drew appeared to her as magnetic patterns. She drew and colored every day to help with her recovery, and now aims to share her creations with others and help them let go of the burdening, connect with their souls or just enjoy some relaxing moments without thinking.

‘Better Than Zen: Adult Coloring Book (Calming Kaleidoscopes) (Volume 1)’ is available from Amazon.

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