Retired Police Sergeant stresses God and Introspection to fix political tribalism.

The ArcAngel’s God I Love U calls for self-reflection and religious unity.

DALLAS, TX – A retired Dallas police officer has had enough. Merlin Lofton, a retired Sergeant with 20 years in law enforcement, says political tribalism in the United States is threatening unity, peace, and the democracy of the country. Sgt. Lofton is calling for religious unity and introspection in an effort to bridge the growing political divide.

As a police officer, Sgt. Lofton co-founded a charity called Heroes, Cops and Kids through which officers, dressed as super heroes, engaged the community on issues dealing with tolerance. After standing up to threats both as a police officer and as a super hero, the sergeant decided he has to stand for a larger problem that’s threatening America and the world, he calls it political tribalism. Performing as The ArcAngel, Sgt. Lofton breaks barriers in calling for religious unity and self-reflection in his music video entitled, ‘God I Love U’.

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Sgt. Lofton states, “We are living in very trying times as a nation.  People are being judged by their political affiliation and religion rather than by their character.  That’s an extremely dangerous place to be as a country.” Lofton also added,  “It’s imperative that we change our behavior immediately if we want unity and peace to prevail. I feel it’s essential that we approach life and politics with the humility and spirit of God. It’s my belief, all of God’s children, regardless of religious affiliation, are spiritually connected. We must call upon that connection to free us from political contention.”

Lofton explains that his song, ‘God I Love U’ is about self-reflection, religious unity and the enduring struggle to be closer to God. He added, “You can’t make the world a better place by hating half the people in it. We must learn to love and respect those whom are different.”

This is a very different perspective for Sgt. Lofton whose previous video The Devil’s Party was politically shocking and controversial.

The ArcAngel’s The Devil’s Party is currently available for viewing on YouTube.

About Merlin Lofton

Sgt. Merlin Lofton, who performs as The ArcAngel, is a retired 20-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. In 2011, he and another officer created a children’s charity, Heroes, Cops and Kids that promotes an anti-bullying campaign. Through the charity, Lofton also pays visits to the sick in hospitals across the USA and Mexico. 

Follow Lofton as the ArcAngel on Facebook: @TheArcAngel7414 and on Twitter at @DallasHero7414

About Heroes, Cops, and Kids

Heroes, Cops, & Kids is a 501(C)(3) organization founded in 2011 by two Dallas police officers. Today, the organization includes a diverse background of individuals (active police officers, retired police officers, and civilians) who dedicate personal time and resources to be positive role models for the community and its kids. The organization’s super heroes travel to schools and various public events to assist the community.

Learn more about Heroes, Cop, and Kids by visiting their website at and by viewing their video at!s/eng_uk/dallas/747428

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