Phil Hart of Offers Free Fixes and Repair Guide for Windows Errors

A New Website that that brings smiles to the face of windows users launched

USA – July 30, 2018 – Phil Hart, the owner of a customer-oriented company known for its role in providing solutions to windows related errors and malfunctioning is pleased to announce the launch of his new website “”. The website offers free fixes and repair guides for a wide range of Windows errors. Technical glitches such as browser codes, ActiveX, Blue screen of death, Device manager errors, Window system errors, Window errors etc can be resolved through the repair methods that are clearly explained on On the homepage of, there is a step by step guide on how to use the error pages; this self-explanatory outline makes the whole process a seamless approach.

The first step of the repair method starts with a large grey box, titled: Error Information, which also contains the error name which will normally be some words that this particular error has been assigned by the developer to help identify the error if ever occurs. Error Number is a sequence of numbers and perhaps some letters, again, assigned by the developer. Error Hex (optional): only some errors have this information. Similar to the error number, it will be a sequence of numbers and letters. Error Description is a short description of the error, mostly technical, to help the developer understand the error more. Users will explain briefly about the error in step 2, what this type of error is and its background in order to give more of an overview of these types of errors. In step 3, error definition is a new feature on ErrorVault, where technical definitions of known words present in the error name and description are listed.

“As a customer-oriented company, we are constantly listening to our customers’ needs and their reactions. This leads to a willingness and ability to constantly improve our products and offer the best quality consumer software on the market,” says a statement on Errorvault website.

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The symptoms section describes some of the more observable symptoms experienced as a result of this error. Similarly, a brief explanation about the causes of error will provide an insight to the possible corrective methods. Finally, the repair methods offer more than one suggested method to repair many of the errors listed on the site because no two computers are truly the same due to different software running on them.

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