F D Interiors Ltd Expands Social Media Platforms to Improve Customer Service

Ferndown, UK – When it comes to moving into a new space, there are a lot of important decisions that an individual has to make in order to really craft the space as their own. One of those important decisions is what furniture to fill it with and how that furniture fits together in an overall design scheme.

Sometimes, it is hard to get out to many of the big-name stores and shop for thatin person. It can take a lot of time and energy out of a person’s day. But the buzz around town is that F D Interiors Ltd, a branded furniture store that sells quality furniture online, makes it easy to find new pieces.

One of the many ways that people find new furniture that catches their interest is exploration online and through different social media outlets, as friends and connections share their similar tastes and great new finds. F D Interiors has updated their business model to stay up to speed with the demands of current consumers who expect to find what they are looking for through social media. They maintain an active page at https://www.facebook.com/fdinteriors/ to engage with potential customers and share photos of their designs, and as a result, they’re becoming a leader in their field.

In addition to their Facebook, F D Interiors Ltd operates active pages on other social media platforms. Their Twitter page, which can be found at https://twitter.com/FDInteriorsLtd is something they use to maintain an open and public communication with their customers and followers as part of an overarching desire to provide excellent customer service, and their customers are taking notice. Not many companies make themselves so easily accessible.

They also understand that furniture is an exciting artistic and aesthetic venture for many of their customers. In an effort to showcase their furniture and their customers’ experience, they feature their pieces on their Google+ at https://plus.google.com/103261062070612442613. Few businesses have taken advantage of the unique opportunities that social media has to offer like F D Interiors has, and it really seems to be making a difference.

F D Interiors Ltd sells many styles but their most popular pieces are designed for different areas of the home including the dining room, living room, and bedrooms. They offer an extensive range of popular designers and brands, including McGowan & Rutherford, RV Astley, Coach House, CIMC, PD Global and more. F D Interiors also offers special designs that can be custom made and are bespoke for those that want to show off a unique style.

Their interior designers can help customers find their style and select the perfect items. Explore their social media pages and their website for exciting new designs.

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