As The Dentists at Gateway Crossing experiences record growth, Dr. Matthew Vogt attributes his success to one simple idea: using kindness to overcome his patients’ fear

McCordsville, IN – Dental fear can be a crippling condition – one that often prevents sufferers from getting the care they need. Regular preventative care is essential to maintaining good dental health. To put it another way, patients who avoid dentists are more likely to suffer serious problems down the line. It should come as no surprise people with dental fear have poorer oral health.

Oral health can have a big impact on one’s quality of life. Many published papers that show a direct relationship between a patient’s oral health and their social life [2] – and that’s not even accounting for suffering caused by untreated dental conditions.

Current estimates indicate that between 9% and 15% of the US population struggles with dental fear. And ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

Helping patients to beat their dental fear is an important step on the road to better dental health. And Dr. Vogt has found the key. By treating each patient with kindness and consideration – like a family member – he is able to create a safe environment where they can overcome their worries. While it’s a simple idea, it’s quite revolutionary in the field of dental health.

As a breed, dentists are famed for their cold and clinical demeanor – being a good dentist requires a rigorous logical mindset and attention to detail. But this tends to come across as frosty. Patients often feel they’re invisible to their dentist, who seems only interested in the state of their teeth. For a patient who is already drowning in anxiety, being ignored is unbearable. If the dentist’s attention is wholly absorbed in their mouth, then the patient is left alone with only their fear for company.

Dr. Vogt’s dedication to humanizing the dental health experience clearly runs deep. This includes a staff training program, where every employee is taught to welcome patients in a warm and friendly way. They learn to address each patient’s concerns and put them at ease. His patients appreciate the care and effort he puts into getting to know them – which is why they keep coming back. Paying close attention to his patients and their problems has other benefits, too. For instance, Dr. Vogt realized that many of his patients had trouble scheduling appointments because they were only free on weekends. Most dentists are closed on Saturday, forcing their patients to squeeze an appointment into a schedule that’s already far too hectic. 

Many patients simply can’t find the time to visit their dentist – leading to missed appointments, neglect, and ultimately, poor oral health. That’s why The Dentists at Gateway Crossing is open for appointments on Saturday mornings.

Vogt acknowledges that professional, affordable clinical care is vital – on his website, he states that it forms the core of his approach. But he also stresses the importance of caring for the individual and building positive relationships with each that last for a lifetime. And that explains the record growth.

Patient Testimonial:

“I would highly recommend Dr. Vogt and his team at the Dentists at Gateway Crossing! I made the switch after my dentist retired and was very impressed after my first visit. The space is modern, very friendly staff, innovative technology, clear discussion on pricing, and certainly a knowledgeable team. 5 stars for sure!”
– Leah Lakich

Learn more about Dr Vogt and his team here

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