Sunny Funny ABC’s: an exciting way for kids to learn the alphabet

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Latvian author/artist has developed a colorful book and animated educational video that includes dance and songs.

Indra Sproge, a Latvian author and artist, firmly believes that children learn most effectively when it’s fun.

So she has developed a unique method for children all over the world to learn the alphabet. This innovation is a colorful book and a three-minute animation video that includes dance and song. Sproge calls it “Sunny Funny ABC’s.”

“There are many letters in the alphabet and they are usually linked to nouns,” she explained. “Also, the sequence of the letters seems to be confusing to so many. I have created a link between all letters of the alphabet by creating stories with nouns, adjectives and verbs. I have found the best matches for each letter.”

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“Sunny Funny ABC’s” features several characters, such as awesome beetle, gorgeous hippopotamus, naughty octopus, royal spider and others. These characters form the alphabetical order and tell amusing stories.

Sproge has put together a team that includes a digital designer plus several artists and animation specialists. She has designed the characters, written the book and script, and is directing the video.

“Young Children age 4-6 are more interested in games, singing and playing,” Sproge said. “With all the computer games and other exciting things on the Internet, learning can look pale and uninteresting. But we have created a fun and easy way to help parents and teachers to provide education to our children.”

The animation is about halfway done but, in order to bring the project to completion, Sproge needs $22,000 in additional funding. This would cover animators, assistants and digital computer designers. 

To generate this capital, Sproge has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at The Indiegogo page includes clips of the video.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $10 contribution, backers will receive a Sunny Funny ABC’s screensaver and Christmas card. A $25 pledge is good for a link to the finished video.

For $250, you can get an autographed copy of the book and the “Sunny Funny ABC’s” DVD.

“This project is a great way to combine education, imagination and creativity,” saidSproge. “It can be a family activity, where everyone dances along with the sunny animation characters. We’re making the alphabet more fun by enabling children to perceive it through pictures, song, dance, animation and a story.”

For additional information, visit; the Sunny Funny ABC’s website,; or the Sunny Funny ABC’s Facebook page,

Sproge can be reached directly at

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