Freelancers HUB Achieve AdWord Partner badge from Google in July 2018

Freelancers HUB provides PPC campaign management services to its different clients since last one year. Their PPC professionals effectively set up and manage the campaign for their clients efficiently and its client base is growing rapidly. As Freelancers HUB MCC account meet all the Google Partner criteria, as an appreciation from Google, it gets Google AdWord Partner badge for its Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services

In the world of internet marketing and freelance services, Freelancers HUB has been a leader with their innovative techniques and attention-to-detail approach to jobs which culminates in a long-standing relationship with their clients. Proof of this fact is the recent Google AdWord Partner Badge that was recently conferred on them by the search engine. Their services are unique and customized to clients’ needs and necessities. Some of the services they offer include SEO, SMM, PPC, Press Release, Content Marketing, and Branding.

With the advent of technology, marketing has taken another route which makes it easier for businesses, companies, and individuals to be able to showcase their products to the world instantly. The internet has been a solution in bringing the world together as one. Utilization of this opportunity can be hard but with Freelancers HUB that won’t be a worry. As the one-stop internet marketing service, they have been able to influence the progress of numerous businesses linking them to the necessary audience and helping improve profits.

One of the digital marketing services used by Freelancers Hub is Press Release. A Press Release is an insightful advertisement for a product and helps explain to people the product or services being promoted. They recognize that this is a strong advertising tool and adequately use it, thereby ensuring that it creates awareness for the item. Other services like content marketing and social media marketing is also an additional service which involves curating content for the product and advertising it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites, and this helps to improve the brand reputation, gain more visitors and increase conversions for better business growth

An effective way of marketing digitally is through Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google and Bing help people across various devices be it desktop, mobile, and tablet – to be able to find the necessary products and services they need. Effective search engine optimization services help connect people searching for products to different businesses and services. People that search for similar words relative to the business website will be able to come in contact with the website due to it being optimized. According to reports from Imforza, around 75% of users who make use of these search engines never scroll past the first page of search results, SEO helps to ensure that a business or service ranks properly in the search engine. Lack of SEO services leads to poor ranking which results in loss of customers and reduction in profit. Using white hat techniques, Freelancers HUB designs client’s websites to be compatible with any search engine, improving the chances of exposure. With this SEO an increase in organic traffic is assured and it also creates credibility, brand awareness and puts any business ahead of its competitors.

As a Google Adwords Partner, their Pay Per Click management services is another way of engaging a highly targeted audience and is affordable for all. The wealth of data gathered while using PPC help Freelancers HUB in organizing a search engine and social media campaign which would increase the rate of positive feedback for businesses and their products. In addition to offering a high level of exposure and an efficient tracking and measuring of the PPC results, this service is also compatible with a lot of marketing channels all geared towards providing a profitable business.

Branding is also another way by which Freelance HUB supports numerous products and services. Branding involves a combination of SMM, PPC, and SEO in creating a unique identity for a product. Branding a special identity is being given to a company via its name, logo, website, and marketing tactics. The processes involved in branding include a thorough research of competitors profile which leads to a discovery of ways to better the clients business ahead of the competition. Client approval is also necessary after the development of ideas and sketch process, as this helps Freelancers HUB tailor their services according to client needs and develop a unique brand identity which is relatable to customers.

About Freelancers HUB:

Freelancers HUB and its dedicated team of digital marketing freelance professionals under the leadership of freelance SEO manager are always ready to ensure a successful business project for its client’s. With the goal of providing the best digital marketing solution, they have been able to go an extra mile in serving clients. As a passionate digital marketing agency, they are surely the best for a profitable business growth through marketing.

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