Lue Maine Announces the Launch of His First Mixtape “Tell You How It Is”

Joshua Duncan AKA Lue Maine announces today the launch of his first mixtape titled “Tell You How It Is. Lue Maine’s debut song is titled “Call Lue Maine.” He was born in Lincolnton, North Carolina. He got the name Lue Maine while incarcerated. While he was incarcerated, that’s the time he decided to become a hip hop artist.

In hip-hop, his struggle is perceived as an obstacle, which is common. It’s an obstacle which is embraced. It is put in front of Lue Maine  not because he’s talented, but instead because nothing great comes simple.

This song from Lue Maine shares the story about his struggle in prison and how he needed to put bars behind him to become the artist he wanted to be. The idea which Lue Maine come out with a song about his weakness and struggle in such a transparent way is powerful. It transmits a message which even those at the top have problems, and that it is essential to face them. His ability to string words together in a way which has a deeper meaning than anyone can notice is impeccable.

Speaking of his new project, he says, “Style of music is like hip hop and rock. I started music in 2014 when I started writing my music while incarcerated. I was getting these beats in my head, so I started beating on the tables, and I made some of the music for some of the fellas locked up, and they loved it. So I started writing more and more. It was something to help my time go by, and I enjoyed entertaining other people.”

“Tell You How It Is” is Lue’s first mixtape. In fact, he is very thrilled and excited about it, and it mirrors the things he’s been through. Lue realized that being the youngest out of his siblings, he had to change his life. He had a rough time growing up as adopted. He also dropped out of school, and at one point in life, his parents and brothers were all incarcerated. Luckily, he always had his Grandmother to support him.

What Lue Maine wants in his life is to become productive and give back knowing the struggle is real. “Sometimes, you have to do things you don’t want just to survive,” he said.

Listen to Lue Maine’s new song on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud worldwide (links are available below).

Lue Maine is currently signed to NXT HITZ, which is an independent record label. The company understands the challenges of new talents like Lue Maine who are seeking to make a name in the industry and looking for the right platform to showcase their craft. Lue Maine is only one of the many local artists of the record label and publishing company.

Follow Lue Maine on Instagram @official_lue_maine to get new updates about his latest happenings.

About Lue Maine:

Lue Maine also called as Joshua Duncan is a North Carolinian hip hop recording artist. The music artist is typically considered as one of the most influential and talented rappers in Lincolnton NC, praised by people for evolving Hip Hop & rock.

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