DICE’s Offline Mining Safeguards Resources From Fraudulent Use

Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly grabbed eyeballs for their unprecedented growth, although the contention over the currency being in a bubble continues to gain resounding nods from varied entities.

Something which can be claimed with certainty is that those with a big stake with cryptocurrencies need to be proactive to ensure the safety of their digital investment, more than ever before. It is imperative to take an extra step to secure your funds, as wallets have been hacked earlier.

With many people engaging with a deep curiosity in the cryptoverse, it is important that they are ensured of safety with their assets. DICE has endeavored to resolve these persisting issues, by introducing the concept of offline mining. DICE has been created with a new communication protocol that makes it practically impossible to steal or hack DICE. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that exist in the digital space, DICE exists as objects in the real world. In addition to its physical nature, a pre-requisite to holding DICE is having a copy of the actual data structure.

The DICE system is based on a large number of unconnected peers, which work independently within a single global platform. Unlike the blockchain model, where miners are rewarded when transactions are verified, DICE economy facilitates transactions similar to those in the real world. The network of each individual operator is a small nation of its own where the DICE miner becomes the virtual inhabitant of such countries. Each transaction between miners is secured by a virtual handshake, with the operator as a witness.

DICE token holders can easily use the cryptocurrency as an alternative currency to purchase goods and services from anywhere across the world wherever DICE tokens are accepted. As is the case with fiat currency, DICE can also be stored in two ways – Digital form or as a Printed Note. There is no need for customized wallets to store DICE units. Given the structure of DICE and its physical attributes, when stored offline, it’s impossible for any hacker to steal it. Since no special wallets or complicated exchanges are involved, reaching out to a wider audience is possible. Those who are averse to the risks associated with crypto ventures can also be enrolled in the game. Since mining doesn’t require the internet, user’s resources will be safeguarded from illegal uses.

With such a revolutionary model DICE has been gathering accolades for the perfect reasons, with the prime focus of empowering people to remain invested and engaged in the crypto world by successfully resolving their concerns and forwarding the game.

To know more about DICE, read the whitepaper.

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