Dad Of Two Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For A Family Home.

A resident of Roja, a loving father, and husband, Aigars has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign through which he seeks funding to build a dream family house for his wife and his two young boys. Residing in the small Latvian village of Roja, Aigars and his family hope to build a better future in their dream home and require the assistance of the generous online crowd in making is huge dream come true for the growing family.

The plans for the Aigars family is to make changes to their current house, which they love, Aigars and his wife to accommodate their growing family have envisioned some major changes. The small house in which they currently reside in is close to their heart, the property has a big garden, which is the favorite play area of the two boys.  Aigars stated, “Whenever my wife and I discuss our future, this current house that we are living in is always a part of our plan. We simply love this place and we dream to own it one day. The house has a big garden, which is the most favorite play area for our sons. My wife and I have already planned how we can improvise the current house and the garden to make it perfect for the entire family. Unfortunately, our savings are not enough to achieve this dream and we need your help.”

A major part of their dream is to gain ownership of the house they reside in, due to its safe and secure location and close proximity to the all the necessary amenities including the boys’ school. After owning the house, Aigars and his wife will be able to make changes to the house that will greatly improve the standard of living in the house and a family home.

The biggest hurdle the Aigars family is facing in achieving their dream is limited funds, despite allocating a majority of their savings, they still require some help in funding their dream. For this purpose, Aigars and his wife chose Crowdfunding International after a thorough research. According to Aigars, Crowdfunding International is safe for both the donators and the campaigners.

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About Aigars:

Father of two young boys, hardworking Aigars lives in Roja. A small village in Latvia on a coast. Where he plans to build the dream house for his family.

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