‘The Magic Hour’ Transforms Lives: Innovative DVD Program Combines Fitness, Meditation, Visualization

The Magic Hour, a revolutionary home workout program that brings together fitness, meditation, and visualization, produces powerful life changing results in 60 minutes, and in just 60 days.

San Francisco, CA – The DVD workout program has inspired individuals to, not only strengthen and tone their body, but also to visualize, set and achieve significant life goals.

The first of its kind, The Magic Hour fitness program incorporates fitness with meditation, visualization and goal setting. By applying the concept of the laws of attraction, the natural and intuitive combination of key life practices and workout training methods foster positive, valuable results all-around.

The 4 step process of improving and attaining health, clarity, vision and results can be described in three words: Unleash the power. With that, The Magic Hour workout is achieved through a rigorous, sequential and carefully assembled process including a 40 minute workout, 10 minute meditation, 5 minute visualization and 5 minute goal setting. A powerful combination that produces powerful results.

Created by Raitis Stalazs, The Magic Hour was originally a concept stemming from his own path to personal victory and overall health. Stalazs came to the United States in 2001 with only $80 in his pocket and a suitcase. With the tools used in this program, he was able to create a successful, fulfilling life for himself. The curriculum was a journey in and of itself that took Statazs 11 years to achieve. Through research, reading countless books, attending informative seminars, and working with other life coaches, he was able to formulate the perfect blend for 360° wellness through fitness and internal development.

This amazing method for creating the ideal life is dedicated to and produced for those that desire a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. The Magic Hour was created specifically for those that want to get in shape fast, experience incredible success, increase peace and clarity in their life, have more free time with friends and family, reach their goals (but don’t know where to start), find their life’s purpose and satisfaction in life, and experience a deeper connection with friends and family. Because that connection, is what life is all about.

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