Top Business Growth Strategist Charlie Lyons Hits #1 Best Seller List For All Public Relations Categories

In his new book, Make Selling Easier, Charlie Lyons explains how expert positioning using the power of major media exposure and bestselling author status impacts client attraction.

Business Growth Strategist, Charlie Lyons recently hit the #1 Best Sellers list on Amazon with his new book, Make Selling Easier. The book made it to the coveted #1 Best Seller position for all Public Relations categories.  

Charlie Lyons provides business growth strategies to highly successful individuals and corporations. “This  book is a lot less about sales and selling than it is about positioning and client-attraction,” explains Lyons. “I believe the single biggest mistake most professionals make is failing to properly position themselves as the expert or foremost authority prior to investing in a marketing campaign.”

When asked to elaborate, Lyons continues, “There are essentially two components to generate new business –lead generation and lead conversion. Lead generation is making sure that enough people know about you and your services while lead conversion assures an appropriate percentage of those people engage you for your services.” He adds, “By establishing authority and expert status before you begin any marketing activity, you’re assuring yourself a higher return on investment across all of your marketing efforts.” Lyons has helped position many professionals using this approach. Hale Stewart, J.D., LL.M., a leading authority on U.S. Captive Insurance Law and a client of Lyons says, “Charlie knows his stuff!”

Lyons asserts that any professional service provider could apply the advice provided in the book to gain media exposure quickly and with little effort. Make Selling Easier educates readers on different methods they can use to leverage their expert status to attract new clients, get more referrals and render their competition irrelevant. “Within 48 hours Charlie got me featured in CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and The Boston Globe…He knows how to position his clients to attract new business,” says Dr. Tom Bryant, a Chicago Chiropractor and client of Lyons.

“One of the main strategies I teach my clients is to author a book in their area of expertise,” Lyons explains. “This provides instant credibility and allows them to distinguish themselves from their competition.” Once their book is published, Lyons also helps his clients become bestselling authors to further establish and position them as an expert in their field. “Charlie knows more about expert positioning using media exposure than some publicists I considered hiring,” says Francesca Rossellini, Ph.D., another client of Lyons.

“Too many professionals think they need to spend tens of thousands of dollars with an expensive PR firm to get major media exposure.  The reality today is that it’s so affordable, any professional that’s serious about growing their business should invest in media exposure,” concludes Lyons. There is no shortage of evidence that Charlie Lyons produces results for his clients. “The results were nothing short of jaw-dropping. I never understood the value of public relations until I worked with Charlie,” explains Michael DeBlis III, Esq., LL.M., a litigation attorney specializing in high-stakes criminal tax defense and regulatory crimes and also a client of Lyons.

Charlie Lyons is a bestselling author, speaker and business growth strategist with over two and a half decades of sales and marketing savvy. He’s generated over 100 million dollars in revenue across multiple industries.  Lyons is Founder of Authority & PR and Managing Partner of Alpha Oracle. He specializes in business growth strategies for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

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