Horror Adventure Game “Scorn” is Unforgettable for its Hauntingly Beautiful Settings as well as Innovative Gameplay

Consumers are constantly looking for next level in their books, movies and games, so artistic creators are continually being challenged to produce something unseen before. European game developer Ebb Software, has triumphantly risen to the challenge by producing “Scorn,” an eerie, gorgeous game that redefines horror gaming aesthetics as well as free form gameplay. “Scorn” allows players to explore a dynamic and rich environment that is replete with dark mysteries, without shackling them to a linear storyline.

“Scorn” is set in a nightmarish world that consists of interconnected regions. The player can search through any region as he or she pleases, interacting with objects via an intuitive point and click system. Unlike other games which burden players with the clutter of a Heads Up Display, “Scorn” opts for an elegant, natural view of the eerie environment. Players must explore the gameplay mechanics as they learn more about the game environment, which is filled with puzzles, strange themes, and intriguing characters. Based on the immaculate Unreal 4 engine, the graphics of “Scorn” are impressive and compelling.

“Scorn” is experimenting with a different and unique kind of game design, but nothing of this magnitude and resonance is achieved easily. Ebb Software would like to create a truly breathtaking world that will revolutionize the gaming industry, and is currently seeking €200,000 from the public to bring this project to fruition. They have sponsored a Kickstarter campaign that offers valuable perks to backers, including game downloads, digital art books, wallpapers, soundtracks, and early access to the final version. 

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Company Name: Scorn Episode One
Contact Person: Ebb Software
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/571331118/scorn-episode-one