The Vapour Lounge Now Accepting Applicants to Retail Blue Label Elixir E-Liquids

Opportunity to stock and sell company’s popular, highly-regarded Blue Label Elixir e-liquids will not be available for long, the Vapour Lounge reports.

The Vapour Lounge, a top retailer of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and related accessories located at 8188 Rochester Avenue, announced that the company is now accepting applications from those interested in retailing its Blue Label Elixir line of e-liquids. Available in four unique flavors and at five strength levels, including a nicotine-free version, the Blue Label Elixir products have been some of the Vapour Lounge’s most talked-about and best-selling throughout the company’s two-year history. The Vapour Lounge therefore expects that application volume will be high and recommends that those interested in the opportunity fill out their own applications as soon as possible.

“With demand for our Blue Label Elixir growing every day, we have decided to seek help in making this fantastic line of e-liquids more widely available,” Vapour Lounge representative John Moore stated, “and we will be selecting our first new partners as soon as we are able to work through the initial batch of applications.” Doubling in dollar volume in each of the last few years, the electronic cigarette industry is likely to top $2 billion in size in the United States in 2014. Banking and investment giant Wells Fargo has predicted that total sales of e-cigarettes and supplies will match those of the tobacco industry within a decade, and the ranks of e-cigarette users continue to swell even as smokers of conventional cigarettes become still scarcer.

As one of Southern California’s top retailers of e-cigarettes, the liquids used with them, and accessories, the Vapour Lounge serves as a one-stop destination for e-cig users of all kinds. Some of the company’s customers are long-time tobacco smokers seeking help with quitting, while others simply find e-cigs enjoyable on their own account, whether as a means of taking in nicotine or for use with nicotine-free liquids. As the top Vapor Shop in the region, the Vapour Lounge maintains the widest and most reliable inventory of e-cigarette equipment, liquids, and accessories, all offered from a comfortable, pleasant storefront where customers can also have their devices tuned and repaired.

Thanks to the Vapour Lounge Rancho Cucamonga locals also got their first taste of the Blue Label Elixir line of e-liquids. Blended to provide uniquely enjoyable flavors and vaping experiences, these e-liquids quickly became known as some of the highest quality options on the market, leading to frequent demands for wider availability of the products. The Vapour Lounge’s new E liquid and E juice wholesale program is designed to fill this need, as the company will select a number of qualified, properly positioned retail partners to stock and sell this highly desirable line of products. Blue Label Elixirs are available in four distinct flavors, with five strengths varying from a nicotine-free version to one mixed to contain 18mg of nicotine.

Those interested in applying to become retailers of the Vapour Lounge’s Blue Label Elixir can fill out a convenient application form at the company’s website, after which Vapour Lounge representatives will make a determination and get in touch. Further information about the Vapour Lounge and its many products can also be found there, as can a link to the company’s online store, where most of its offerings are also available for purchase.

About The Vapour Lounge:

One of Southern California’s leading sources for e-cigs and related supplies and accessories, the Vapour Lounge offers its products online and at a welcoming, relaxing retail store in Rancho Cucamonga.

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