New software can erase unhelpful ‘likes’ on Facebook pages

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RemoveLikes™ improves clients’ search engine standing by removing unwanted connections to problematic countries.

A new software program, RemoveLikes™, is being marketed to Internet consultants and businesses eager to improve their standing with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Developed by Jacob Malherbe, the software allows owners of Facebook accounts to delete unwanted “likes” from their business or fan pages.

The number and quality of visitors interacting with Facebook pages is used by major search engines in determining that page’s resource value. It’s also used by Facebook’s edge rank to determine how wide a distribution posted information receives.

“But when too many ‘likes’ originate in foreign countries associated with questionable Internet practices it can negatively affect the standing of that Facebook page in search results,” says Malherbe. “Until now there has been no ready way to prevent this from happening.”

He notes that a key reason why many Facebook pages seem to become less “visible” to search engines is that a thriving market in fake “likes” has resulted in search engine algorithms which punish pages suspected of engaging in this ploy.

“So monitoring potentially harmful ‘likes’ has become increasingly important even to commercial webmasters playing by the rules,” he says.

His company’s software identifies problem “likes” and allows clients to effectively remove them, says Malherbe. He points to over a quarter million such edits RemoveLikes™ accomplished in its earlier beta versions.

“Word of mouth has already resulted in substantial sales of our software even before RemoveLikes™ was finalized for the marketplace,” he adds. “There is a valid desire to protect social media marketing assets, and we now offer entrepreneurs an effective and easy to use tool for doing this.”

Malherbe is also a regular contributor to Internet forums on social media marketing.

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