MOKISOUND Unveils Advanced WiFi Speaker on Kickstarters

With a view to helping KickStarter fans as well as target customers appreciate the features and the benefits of its flagship product, MOKIBOX WiFi Speaker, MOKIBOX, a manufacturer of electronic gadgets, now unveils the advanced WiFi speaker’s functionality to music lovers.

“Following a series of market research on consumer needs and the successful design of a unique wireless speaker, MOKIBOX, as an emerging brand in the electronic gadgets industry, seeks to provide consumers with a product that would give them a wonderful music experience,” states spokesman of MOKIBOX in a recent managerial report.

According to him, under a Wi-Fi network, MOKIBOX WiFi Speaker is a portable device that can connect with a mobile gadget such as smartphones and tablets to serve as the stereo speaker output while the user would be able to carry out some other activities without any interruption. “With the wireless speaker, a typical user can play games, browse the net, receive phone calls, capture images with an in-built camera, and the speaker would never stop streaming the audio file,” he cites.

In his remarks on the functionality of the new product, he confirms that the development of MOKIBOX WiFi Speaker is a big solution to a common problem in the industry. He explains, saying, “it’s a challenge for MOKIBOX speakers to produce good audio quality and performance at such a small size, but the design has taken care of this common limitation, thus making MOKOBOX Wi-Fi Speaker hands-free.”

He further adds that the Timer Function of the WiFi speakers would help users to set a time period when they want the speakers to stop playing audio. “During its use in night times, even if the user falls asleep, the speaker would stop at the set time. It’s therefore ideal for mothers that love to play soft music piece or audio children stories for their kids at the bedtime,” he opines.

MOKIBOX now start a campaign on Kickstarter; find more information on their campaign page and get it in super exclusive color combos during the limited edition campaign. Check it out here

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