Celebrities Draw Power from Ezequiel’s Orgonite Pyramids and Healing Tools

Ojai, CA – August 20, 2018 – A lesser known secret of some celebrities is now out. They love and take inspiration from the ethereal energies of orgonite pyramids made by Ezequiels Healing Tools. The company’s official website offers some exquisite healing, positive vibration and energy tools and has been going strong for over two decades.

Orgonite pyramids and other healing products receive good recommendations from celebrities such as Denzel Whitaker, Dot Jones, Shanola Hampton, and Josh Devine. For Ezequiels Healing Tools, it has been a lifelong passion of its Founder Ezequiel Ryes, who began studying powerful orgone products at a young age of 14.

Among its finest offerings is the fire orange pink golden ratio black sun pyramid. This healing tool uses the golden ratio shape, and its composition includes brass, black iron oxide, red mica powder, and Carnelian, which is known as the stone of motivation, endurance and leadership, and works with the Sacral chakra. The pyramid releases bold energies to bring about warmth and joy.

A cross-section of celebrities posing for the camera with their Ezequiel Healing tools – Denzel Whitaker, Dot Jones, Shanola Hampton, and Josh Devine

Other healing and energy tools offered by Ezequiel include the Copper and Amethyst Golden Ratio Orgonite® Pyramid, Fire Orange Pink Golden Ratio Black Sun Pyramid, Elite Lucky Green Malachite Pyramid, Pyramid-Baby Pink Rose Quartz, Shungite Giza Pyramid, and Shungite Round Bracelets and Pendants.

I have been making orgonite® for over 10 years now, and that knowledge is passed down to our orgonite® makers and ultimately to our products,” says Ezequiel.

Top quality craftsmanship and pure intentions instantly drew me to Ezequiel’s Orgonite Pryamids. I love mine and trust it’s serving its purpose!” says a recent customer review.

Orgonite has helped Ezequiel through difficult and challenging phases of his life, and he wants to share its power with others around the world. Every product is designed to work with a specific chakra, such as pyramids for the sacral, the third eye and heart. All products come with a return policy, and an affiliate program is available.


Ezequiel’s Healing Tools is a Company that is dedicated, to providing the highest vibration Healing Energy tools on the Market.

For more information, please visit: www.ezequielshealingtools.com

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