German engineered bottle turns personal hydration into genius – a flask to love.

There are plenty of ways to carry around water or your favorite beverage. Thing is, all those reusable bottles have at least one major pain point: They are a royal pain to refill or clean or not leak-proof when carrying in a bag, or not easy to drink from without spilling or almost impossible to get refilled under a tiny dispenser. The new flask JuNiki’s Double Neck solves all issues, becoming the best choice.

See at Kickstarter campaign still running until August 28th, enabling you to get one of the first pieces and limited editions at special price.

Engineered in Germany, JuNiki’s Double Neck claims to be the world’s most convenient & hygienic drinking bottle. It makes staying hydrated on the GO a cinch! JuNiki’s Double Neck (international patent application filed) cap design offers a smaller angled opening for spill-free sipping and another angled wide-mouth opening for easy refilling (also horizontally) or loading in larger items like ice cubes and fruit. Plus JuNiki’s Double Neck is specially constructed for quick cleaning, offering an overall hygienic design that is free of blind spots that are impossible to clean and preventing mold and mildew build up.

And, because the benefit comes from the cap, the new JuNiki’s Double Neck bottles come in two food safe, BPA free materials, both types being absolutely leak-proof also with carbonated drinks: Vacuum-insulated 304 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel (18/32/64oz) & Borosilicate Glass with single-wall (18oz) and double-wall (11oz) design.

Finally – the first wide-mouth flask that you can carry in your bag without risk of flooding and drink from without any spills.

A third version made of Tritan by Eastman is aiming at school children, this water bottle is already at market in Germany from beginning of 2018 and has been presented by Eastman at the IHHS 2018 in Chicago.



Eastman, Customer Story on JuNiki’s Double Neck:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck, Founder and Managing Partner of JuNiki‘s Double Neck GmbH, at You can also see

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