IC Coin: F2C Mode Leads The Digital Economy Era

IC Coin: F2C Mode Leads The Digital Economy EraThe digital currency is in the light of January and has won the traditional industry for ten years. The rapid development of IC coins has condensed new opportunities under the great changes of the times.

On August 1st, 2018, it was put into operation on the QPeX exchange in Canada. From August 10th, QPeX registered a new user and dropped 10 IC coins. In less than a month, the number of IC international community members has exceeded 100,000, and IC coins have also been appreciated to 2 dollars because they are sought after by the majority of players.

It is reported that the IC project technical team has completed the development of the “super wallet”, the super wallet has two major characteristics:

First, consumption is mining. IC will increase your consumption twice while spending money in the process of consumption.

Second, the destruction mechanism. Every time the official wallet address is consumed, the token will be destroyed according to the real-time price. Until the IC market circulation remains at 100 million, it will never be issued.

At the same time, the IC technology team is working hard to build a global blockchain super mall. The e-commerce platform fully integrates all kinds of high-quality brand products with standardization and light service. In F2C mode, we will realize direct purchase of e-commerce from factory to consumer, develop traceable brand e-commerce product standards, provide quality brand products with quality assurance to the public, and support diversified digital assets to exchange electronic currency transactions. The combination of digital assets and cash payment is a new e-commerce model that comprehensively opens up digital assets and goods and services markets, making transactions borderless and accessible.

Experts believe that the B2B and B2C new blockchain e-commerce model represented by IC international payment chain will definitely change the existing new retail business model represented by Alibaba, Taobao and Jingdong, and become the pioneer of the digital economy era. With the leader.

IC Coin: F2C Mode Leads The Digital Economy Era

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