CEO Experience Chief Servant Officer Ken Gosnell, Announces the Launch of a New Christian CEO Retreat Day in Annapolis Maryland

CEO Experience is an executive community that provides leaders monthly retreats and strategy sessions to excel in life and business.

Ken Gosnell, Chief Servant Officer, of CXP (CEO Experience) Washington DC announced, the launch of a new Christian CEO Retreat Day in Annapolis Maryland starting Tuesday, September 11th. This full-day retreat for CEOs is designed to help business leaders use biblical principles to lead their business for increased profits with a purpose and to have a kingdom impact.

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CEO Experience, is the premier resource network for Christian CEOs by offering executive resources, executive coaching, and monthly CEO retreats. This full-day CEO Retreat is focused on both self-improvement and strategic planning. A 10-15 member group will meet each month to review biblical principles that relate to business, examine the executive guide with an opportunity to strategize about their own business, share best ideas for others and review a master plan for their business. The CXP Masterplan combine an innovative, hands-on approach to business strategy while allowing the business leader the opportunity to share their findings with their team or their peers. This retreat is an encouraging environment where leaders will be inspired to learn faster so they can lead further.

As a result of the CXP Retreat, CEOs who attend will enhance their business operations and their personal effectiveness. CXP members get access to the tools, benefits, and expertise they need to grow their businesses – and a dedicated executive coach who acts as an extension of their own team, providing personalized one-on-one support. CEO Experience members are approved by their retreat members to become part of a curated network of successful peers and get access to a variety of exclusive benefits and resources.

Ken Gosnell stated that he was passionate about helping leaders Learn Faster to Lead Further. “I am excited about the launch of the CXP Annapolis Retreat Day for Christian CEOs. The Annapolis area has never had access to a Christian CEO Retreat day, and the initial response has been overwhelming. I believe that CXP is filling a missing void for leaders who are looking to take the next step in growing their business and enhancing their life. This group will make an impact on each other’s lives as they will know that they will never lead alone again. These CEOs will also grow in their influence in the lives of their employees as they seek to lead a better business that more reflects the principles and concepts of the Bible. I cannot wait for the launch day of September 11th, and further I want to give a gift to all Christian CEOs whether they can attend or not. I will send a FREE 15 page CEO Executive Guide that we will be discussing at this first retreat. This executive guide was designed by Christian CEOs for Christian CEOs and will inspire you to look at your business in a new and different way.”

Ken Gosnell has worked with CEOs and business leaders for over a decade and is now expanding CEO Experience in Maryland and the Washington DC area. Ken and his team lead CEOs through one on one strategy sessions and in monthly retreats where they can learn faster to lead further. CEO Experience – CXP members receive a number of benefits and discounts on partner relationships. Ken is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council the CCA – Christian Coaches Association. Ken is a contributing author for several business magazines in the US and around the world including Forbes and YSF.

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