Luxury Bath Bomb Brand, Mom Bomb, Launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to Support Development and Production of Patented CBD Bath Bombs

Launched in March 2018, Mom Bomb is growing, all while supporting its sister nonprofit,, which helps families in need

Boston, MA – August 20, 2018 – Mom Bomb, a new luxury brand bath bomb company, is pleased to announce the launch of its IndieGoGo campaign, a crowdfunding program through which Calm Bombs, a new line of patented, lab-formulated CBD bath bombs, can be funded. By raising funds through IndieGoGo, Mom Bomb can garner initial interest in Calm Bombs, create buzz around the new line, and ensure enough funds to manufacture and market the product. The crowd funding campaign officially launched today, and will run through October 22.

The luxury bath bomb brand, Mom Bomb, was launched in March 2018 with the goal of creating superior bath bombs that could not only offer more relief and relaxation than other bath products, but also aid mothers in need via a sister 501c3 non-profit called The founders, Heather and Kevin Roberts, wanted the sales of the bath bombs to support the nonprofit, and were therefore determined to create a bath product that was top-quality in every way. As such, the Mom Bombs are made in the USA with luxurious argan oil and fragrant essential oils, and are 100% vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. They are directly connected to their sister nonprofit,, so five dollars of every purchase is immediately contributed to the cause of helping mothers in need. helps mothers through tough times by offering them a choice of one of four services, worth up to $500 – laundry, child care, meal delivery, or housekeeping.

Families can receive this aid by nominating themselves, or by being nominated on

Through the IndieGoGo campaign, Mom Bomb will not only be able to raise funds for the manufacturing and marketing of the line of Calm Bombs, but will also be able to further increase awareness of the Mom Bomb brand and its sister nonprofit, This task remains incredibly important to the founders because their ability to help mothers and families in need is directly correlated to the success of Mom Bomb’s products. Because of the way that Mom Bomb & are linked, the more Mom Bomb grows, the more it can contribute to society and to families seeking extra support. With this in mind, Mom Bomb has decided to launch its next product, Calm Bombs. Made with cannabidiol and a proprietary manufacturing process that allow the pores to open and absorb all of CBD’s benefits, Calm Bombs not only continue to support the nonprofit,, but also provide relief through the product itself. CBD has been proven to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and decrease the symptoms of anxiety, among other benefits. The ingredients in the Calm Bombs, and process through which they are made allows for maximum absorption into the body and, in turn, maximum relief.

Founder Heather Logrippo further builds on this point, stating that “This is an opportunity to give back to the mothers and families that may be going through a tough time, for whatever reason. After I struggled with a terrifying illness last year, I wanted to work with my husband, Kevin, to create a community and a means through which those who struggle to provide for their families can find and receive support.” She explains, “the way that the brand and nonprofit are set up, we are able to help those in need, while also providing a product that is healing and beneficial on its own. We have made so much progress since starting this business, and we are so excited to continue the momentum with Calm Bombs and this IndieGoGo campaign.”

Customer Nick Perry says, “I have tried the Mom Bombs, and I absolutely love the bath bombs themselves, but what’s even more important to me is the meaning and purpose behind them. I like knowing that some of the money I spend is going to someone who needs it a lot more than I do.”

For more information on Mom Bombs or Calm Bombs, please visit our IndieGoGo page:

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