Bail Stories App Will Payout $100K of BAIL Tokens.

“Bail Stories Screen”
The new app captures the human side of the bail system and pays users in cryptocurrency.

Bail Stories is a video survey app that allows users to video record themselves answering questions about their bail and criminal justice experiences in exchange for cryptocurrency based BAIL Tokens.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Mainprise Ltd Co, ( an Atlanta-based company building a platform for peer-to-peer bail payments on the NEM blockchain, announces the launch of their new mobile app Bail Stories. The video survey app allows users to video record themselves answering questions about their bail and criminal justice experiences in exchange for a cryptocurrency based BAIL Tokens (BAIL).

Users can select from many different topics and share their personal views, opinions, and, experiences. The quick 30 second videos are recorded using either the front or back camera. Individuals personal stories hold power and spark constructive conversations. The app empowers them and expands their influence.

“Bail Stories provides the ability to showcase direct insight from those impacted by bail and the criminal justice system,” says, Matt Guignard COO of Mainprise. “These stories expose the discriminatory and unjust bail system. It app gives voices that normally go unheard and opportunity to be heard.”

The adoption of mobile devices, the emergence of the peer-to-peer sharing economy and blockchain technology provides a clear opportunity to change the landscape of the criminal justice participants. Mainprise aims to connect with individuals on a global scale, in any jurisdiction where bail is at least one of the conditions for release pre-trial.

The Bail Stories app users receiving BAIL Tokens for participating can manually or automatically configure the platform to make bail payments based on their preferences. Bail payments are refunded regardless of the trial outcome, and token holders earn fees based on the risk scoring of the defendants. Since bail payments are refunded and spread across many token holders, this reduces the overall risk. Alternatively, holders of BAIL Tokens may exchange the tokens freely on exchanges.

The iOS version of Bail Stories is being released to coincide with the BlockShow Americas 2018 event in Las Vegas. Attending the event is Tharwat Abdul-Malik, Mainprise’s Co-founder and CTO. He is on hand to demo Bail Stories. Scheduled for release in September is the Android version of Bail Stories.

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Mainprise is building BAIL Token platform, the future of bail payments on top of the NEM blockchain. It enables peer-to-peer bail payments using a cryptocurrency token and offers seamless integration with jail and detention center systems, bail payment kiosks, and Mainprise ambassadors. The NEM blockchain and its technologies have a proven track record in reliability, features, security, and transaction speeds. Allowing Mainprise to provide fast, secure, and trusted transactions while removing the need for bail bonding and insurance companies.

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