Sara Corcoran Interviews Former CIA, NSE Director, General Michael Hayden

August 20, 2018 – Sara Corcoran, publisher of the National and California Courts Monitor, recently interviewed General Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA and NSA. The interaction touched upon some of the hotly debated topics related to US trade, national security and intelligence. General Hayden voiced some critical but cautious views on President Trump, relying more on facts than agenda-driven theories.

The full interview between Sara Corcoran and General Michael Hayden has been featured on City Watch LA and Focus Washington.

“Our 45-minute interview was too short. Little did I know that soon after leaving our meeting, the Special Counsel’s office would release the indictment of 12 Russian Military Intelligence Officers for their Hacking, Theft, and Distribution of DNC, Clinton Campaign and DCCC networks. While I would have welcomed Hayden’s insight on this development, I found his perspective on trade, national security, and matters of intelligence very compelling,” Sara Corcoran said.

Beginning with security, Sara asked General Hayden on what he thought Trump meant for American security, and doubts over Trump’s ability to do the job because of bias. “He’s instinctive, not reflective,” said General Hayden. Further, the dependence on Canadian steel and German cars isn’t a national security threat.

The conversation then moved on to TPP and trade. General Hayden described the TPP as a strategic alignment, though its essence was trade. The soybean market crisis shows how international trade really works.

General Hayden pointed out some of the inaccurate statements made by Trump, such as the US funding ninety percent of NATO. The southern border challenge reflects yet another fact that Trump is governing in a way that is consistent with his language and uninformed views.

When asked about the recent Supreme Court decisions, General Hayden expressed disappointment at the way questions of gerrymandering were avoided, and described the latter as a thing worse than money in American politics.

Sara and General Hayden also discussed whether Mueller could subpoena the President, and the latter’s upcoming meet with Vladimir Putin and the related issues of Syria and Ukraine. The talk ended with General Hayden describing how President Trump his utilizing his party to attack elements of the executive branch that are pushing back and trying to control his authoritarian tendencies.

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