Being Skin-Confident Is Easy and Doesn’t Mean Surgery: The 75% solution

Skin trends come and go, but having a glowing, plump and wrinkle-free face never goes out of style. While consumers have been faced with a wide selection of treatments, it is not always a sure win and there is nothing more frustrating than following a lengthy and pricey process just to discover that in the end, no visible benefits have been achieved.

There are many factors which affect skin health from geneticsand age to excessive sun contact and pollution. And Canadians are very aware of the risks and dangers their skins are exposed to, as a new 2018 Ipsos survey shows which involved 1051 Canadians aged at least 18 years old. The study was conducted for the Canadian Dermatology Association and revealed that a whooping 93% of respondents strongly agree it is critical to protect the skin against the sun and 94% recognized that the risk of not doing so leads to skin aging. Their concerns over skin damage are on the rise and have grown to 43%, up five points since 2016. While all these findings are positive news, 24% still consider the dangers of sun to be a bit exaggerated. There should be no doubt when it comes to the dangers of UV light and while prevention is always best, it is not too late for those who are already feeling the effect of overexposure on their own skin.

Back in 2016, Harris Poll asked 10,000 adults from across 8 countries including Canada, what makes them feel more confident. The answer? About 17% of Canadians said it’s firm and youthful skin. However, this was relatively a small percentage in comparison with China for instance, where as many as 41% revealed to be longing for that perfect, young skin look. Canadians scored highest out (28%) of all countries when it came to how confident and proud they are to show their skin in public without any treatment or make-up, which as encouraging as it is, it’s still a small percentage overall.

Fear not as skin rejuvenation technologies are now more advanced than ever. Intense Pulsed Light, Radio Frequency or Infrared techniques are just some of the options available in Canada which promise to make anyone skin-confident without having to go under the knife. Imagine that Radio Frequency has been shown to reduce lesions and scars by 75% after one to three treatment sessions, Intense Pulsed Lighthas also been shown to smoothen wrinkles by 75% to 90%, while irradiation exposure is uncritically growing in popularity and the evidence shows why: after 6 months of treatment sessions, participants in a study reported improvements in skin texture and firmness between 51 and 75% and as well skin colour tone benefits of up to 50%. Laser technologies used for skin rejuvenation seem to have effectiveness in common and with a success rate of 75%, they remain steadfast in becoming the preferred option for many people in Canada and around the world.

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