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Common legal family issues that can arise include divorce, custody, guardianship of elders, and support.  Legal issues like these can be hard to talk about because these are emotional subjects.  Pamela Breedlove knows that and wants to make going through it easier on her clients.

Breedlove strives to make the best decision in every situation for all the people involved in her cases.  When making guardianship decisions for loved ones, attorneys need to be careful.  Breedlove communicates effectively with all parties to make sure loved ones will be in the best care.

Cooperative family mediation is when both parents meet with the lawyer together to discuss visitation rights and other parenting issues related to the custody of a child.  Breedlove knows that how important talking about these issues is also important for the child.  She knows cooperative family mediation can be difficult because it can bring up old marital arguments.  Breedlove will walk each client through on how to make the best decisions the difficult time for the child.

Breedlove wants her clients to bring a sense of humor when going to sessions.  Things can gets tense when both parents are concerned for a child.  Both parents need to be considerate of each other and remember they both want what is best for their child.  Remembering that will help the session run smoothly.  When it gets tough, listen to Breedlove.  She will be there to help each client reach the best decision for the child and make sure both parents know what may need to be changed to make things better.


In 1992, Pamela Breedlove became licensed to practice family law in Louisiana and Georgia.  She completed Civil Mediation Training at the Loyola University New Orleans Continuing Legal Education Department and Family Mediation Training at the Texas Women’s University Office of Lifelong Learning.  She taught herself how to resolve conflict, negotiate, and conduct mediation.

Divorce Facts

There is divorce every 13 seconds in America.  There are nine divorces in the two minutes it takes to read wedding vows.  There are 19,353,568 first marriage divorces with couples who are together for eight years.  Lack of commitment is the top reason why many couples divorce.  The second is arguing too much.

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