Photographer, Luke Bakhuizen Talks Complexity In The Art Of The Aerial View

Sydney, Australia – August 20, 2018 – Aerial photography is both a science and an art – and no one knows it best than Luke Bakhuizen. Despite his young age, the Aussie wunderkind is quickly making a name for himself cross-continents thanks to his active Instagram presence and impressive collaborations. In a recent break in his busy schedule, Luke shared what makes aerial photography so intriguing – and his unique approach to the medium.

Before talking art, Luke shared a little bit about his background. His passion for all things flying led him to gaining a Commercial Pilot’s license at the age of 21, decided to add more impressive credentials to his resume, by pursuing and acquiring an advanced paragliding rating and a drone remote pilot license (RePL).

Luke’s RePL license was just the beginning of his love affair with aerial photography. His work is permeated by a sense of adventure that is matched by his tenacious spirit – and a determination to get the perfect shot.  Shooting video and photographs using a drone, fixed-wing aircraft, point-of-view paragliding and digital cameras, Luke has become a master of using the ideal combination of equipment, at the perfect spot, and at the perfect time.

In his most notable projects, Luke collaborated with Sony, shooting promotional 4K action camera videos that managed to showcase the full spectrum of the camera’s capabilities, while, his project with Tourism Australia provided an in-depth exploration of those landscapes and views that make it one of the most ecologically and geographically diverse terrains on Earth.

“What I love most about aerial photography is the ability to capture things from a never-before-seen perspective,” said Luke. “Becoming acquainted with the intricacies of handling a drone is part of the creative process. It’s the perfect mashup of technology and art; of making the most of a new medium with the goal of creating something that gives new dimension to landscapes and images so that they can evoke a certain feel – which is that of man’s primitive yearning for nature as he knows it.”

Luke is currently working on numerous exciting projects, while he always remains opens to collaborations with individual clients; government, and private organizations.

All further developments with regards to Luke’s upcoming work will be communicated in future releases to the press.

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