ForeignPlug Launches Multi Cultural Clothing Line and Documentary to Promote Multi-Culturalism and Self Identity

Miami, Florida – August 20, 2018 – When you mix fashion and culture together it creates a social movement that’s unshakable, it also can create the change everyone needs and is wishing for in the world today, Society is constantly being divided by racism and cultural hatred. ForeignPlug a fashion and clothing line company is taking the first step in the right direction with creating a clothing line that promotes cultural awareness and by launching its new documentary series called, ‘Cultural Voices’.

It’s high end urban streetwear promotes cultural awareness and diversity like no other product on the market. Each hoodies, leggings, T-shirts and sneakers, relates to the many different countries and cultures around the world. Each cultural design tells a unique story and history about that country, by creating this synergistic relationship it gives the wearer both a unique style and self-identity. The documentary will reveal our universal and shared heritage through in-depth and behind the scenes interviews with people from each perspective country.

We are now living in a society where racism and hatred are being viewed as a part of everyday life. Where people are judge not for their character but from the culture they were born. This is the main reason why ForeignPlug was created, to reveal our underlying unity and shared past,” says Paula Storr of ForeignPlug.

ForeignPlug apparel core aim is to mix fashion with cultural awareness, so that all global communities can get a platform to tell their stories, desires and challenges through their country’s clothing. Another of ForeignPlug’s underline goal is to show a true intimate behind the scenes look at everyone’s culture from the eyes of people who live it every day.

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