Nave Law Firm – A Newly Opened Law Firm that Commits to Continuously Shining Behind Criminal Defense with Serving Clients in There Most Difficult Times

Nave Law Firm is a newly opened law firm, centrally located in Syracuse, NY, having its roots in criminal defense.

The firm is led by Managing Partner Dennis Nave and Chief Operating Officer Sean Kelsey, formally of Anelli Xavier and Xavier & Associates or better known as “The DWI GUYS.”

The Nave Law Firm is dedicated to providing exceptional and reliable counsel, especially during the most challenging times for clients. They will continue to shine behind their expertise surrounding drug and alcohol offenses, which represents the team’s desire to hold the government accountable. This allows the law firm to continue leveling the playing field for their valued clients. The Nave Law Firm is well prepared to continue serving clients and acting as their most trusted counsel for all criminal offenses.

On this crucial transition, the Nave Law Firm will continue to serve clients without forgetting its roots. The firm will continue to build solid framework which makes for the best legal services which transcend the criminal defense sectors.

The opening of this new law firm is very timely and beneficial especially these days that many individuals are wrongly accused or need guidance to learn from a mistake to be valued members of our society.  Many are also clueless on the impacts of a criminal conviction in New York and make a haste decision in hiring an attorney that they regret down the road. We want to prevent that regret! Criminal convictions affect relationships, make it harder to obtain a job, and people can experience the psychological effects during the enduring process. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is a smart move. Contrary to what some individuals’ beliefs, hiring a criminal defense lawyer isn’t admitting guilt but a means of protecting individuals’ rights and preventing bad evidence from hurting them.

Even if individuals commit a crime, the criminal justice system sometimes makes mistakes and might not serve true justice. The Nave Law Firm will ensure that clients are fairly treated every step of the way. Clients deserve answers to all their questions and also earn the right to have a legal team that can put them at ease. The Nave Law Firm commits to providing what clients truly deserve.

When cases are all said and done, Nave Law Firm puts their clients in the best possible position that would allow people to move forward with the rest of their lives.

“The driving value of this firm to constantly improve our client services, particularly because of the nature of our business. People’s lives and reputations are in our hands, and we take that with earnest consideration.” Sean Kelsey, Chief Operating Officer.

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