RUDY L. KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM Continues to Sell Homes with Multiple Offers despite Reports of Current Real Estate Market Slowing Down

Rosemead, California – Multiple reports claim that the housing market is starting to cool off, but RUDY L. KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM continues to sell homes with multiple offers despite this situation. According to the team, their success is the result of the different approaches the team follows in real estate marketing compared to the average traditional real estate agents.

During summer 2018, every house for sale receives a flood of offers that gives sellers the ability to name their price. But currently, reports are suggesting that the rush of the proposal hasn’t materialized yet in many other markets. Some home prices are not affected yet, but the fading demand shows that the housing market must now be slowing down.

The current state of the housing market results in most real estate agents struggling to sell their clients’ homes. But RUDY L. KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM does not worry about these issues and enjoys selling homes with multiple offers. The team enjoys success in the current housing market due to the different approach they take in real estate marketing.

Compared to traditional real estate agents who do nothing but put up a sale sign and hope their homes will sell, Rudy L. Kusuma’s team focus avoiding the common mistakes when listing homes with an agent. Home sellers often commit four significant errors when trying to sell their home and working with an agent. These are:

  • Going with an agent who promises the highest sale price or most amount of money even though the price is unrealistic
  • Choosing an agent who promises to save money for the client through commission rate discounts
  • Choosing an agent who works alone thinking he will work harder and give more attention
  • Picking the agent only because he seems “nice.”

These are mistakes that often result in negative results such as fewer buyers, a property that doesn’t sell or when it sells for lower than the market value or inferior result than expected. Additionally, saying that by lowering commission the agent can help the seller save money is the industry’s biggest lie. Furthermore, an agent that works alone could lead to him missing essential steps in the process.

RUDY L. KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM, as a group, supports each other thus ensuring they covered all the critical processes. It’s also their approach to put the client in the center of the transaction, informing them of all the aspects of the process. This way, they can ensure the success of the deal with the highest market value the seller can obtain.


RUDY L. KUSUMA HOME SELLING TEAM is a real estate brokerage team whose mission is “Clients Firsts.” The team follows a practice seen in the future of real estate with the client placed at the core of the transaction. The team also provides an expert in every step of the process. It empowers the client and ensures the success of the real estate transaction.

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