Millions of Canadians Can’t Afford Dental Care and a Clinic is Here to Change That

Making sure the smiles of Canadians who struggle to afford dental care are healthy is the driving force behind the services offered by a Toronto-based clinic. Proper oral health is essential and no one should be left feeling reluctant to address whatever dental problems they might have. This is why the Osmin Denture Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry is committed to offer free services for people who are eligible or work on payment solutions that are as easy on the pocket as possible.

Regardless the fact the Canadian healthcare system does a good job at making sure its citizens’ needs are met, dental care still remains a challenge for many. On a global level, Canada appears to be scoring among the last countries in a chart of publicly funded dental care with just about 6% of total spending. When thinking about other countries, such as Finland for instance which supports 79% of its population’s dental expenses, it becomes even more obvious why dental clinics should consider financial flexibility and relief for those who simply can’t afford to see a dentist.

A 2018 Angus Reid Institute report reinforces this. Somewhat 21% of Canadians who participated in the study said they can’t afford dental care. Given over half of the respondents aged 35 to 54 reported struggling financially (51%) and 39% considering their on the edge, it is understandable people choose to de-prioritize dental needs. After all, any one of us would rather pay their rent, afford groceries or get medicines for other more severe health problems.

Estimates show that Canadians spend almost $12-billion annually on dental services. With at least six million people not seeing a dentist, particularly those suffering from the most severe dental problems are making a case for oral health inequalities. Residents of Ontario specifically have been shown to go to the dentist only in cases of emergency and less than two-thirds having fewer than annual check-ups. The program offered by the client can take some of that burden off. The clinic’s program offers entirely free services such as consultations, extractions, cleaning and fillings, restoration and root canal care. People with disabilities under the Ontario Disability Support Program, people on Ontario Works benefits, veterans and Native and Inuit Canadians who are in need of a bit of support to bring back a smile on their faces can now do that.

Poor oral care, regardless at what age, has serious overall health implications. The mouth is a focal point for bacteria which can compromise the entire immune system. Infections can contribute to chronic illnesses and worsen many other conditions. Even if we disregard these risks, pain in the teeth is one of the most unbearable and debilitating ones.

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