86% of Newlyweds Say the Photographer is The Most Important Vendor

Tying the knot is a lifelong dream for many. As little girls, we imagine how our wedding dress might look, who’s going to be at the reception and even flavour the cake is going to be. As men, we plan carefully the proposal, we dwell between going on one knee and stress about the perfect ring.

But no two weddings are the same, which is what makes the wedding industry so mesmerizing year after year. Certainly, the past couple of years have cause shifts in how weddings are planned, very much different than what our parents and grandparents were looking for.

In 2017 alone, over 163,700 weddings have taken place in Florida alone. At a national level, that number surpassed millions. So what are the preferences and habits of American just marrieds today when it comes to getting hitched? The annual 2018 Newlywed Report has all the answers.

About three out of four Millennials like to get a head start and plan their wedding before the proposal has even happened. And while over half (52%) of individuals get surprised by the ring, one in three openly discuss with their partner the details of the ring and even go as far as sharing photos of it. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the top days for people to pop the question and 86% go ahead and announce the news on social media. This is something definitely our elders weren’t able to do.

Everyone knows planning makes or breaks a wedding. With technology taking over literally every part of our lives, it’s no wonder a whopping 83% of the planning is done online. What’s a bit surprising is that when it comes to the actual big day, one in four couples ask their guests to get off the internet. There’s really no need to have unnecessary footage and photos when the most important vendor hired is a photographer (86%).

Besides the caterer and the venue, newlyweds put most of their efforts into finding the best possible photography services that will ensure their best, most emotional moments are captured in a way that truly reflects their personalities and their love for each other. Finding the perfect professional to capture every moment of that special day ranks high on the priority list with couples looking into photographers a year prior to the big event and 42% of them choosing to do a ‘first look’. The concept behind that is actually heart-warming. A first look is a moment which happens prior to the ceremony during which the wedding photographer sets up a time and a place for the bride and the groom to see each other before they get married. It’s an extremely emotional moment and it’s something many people will want to remember.

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