3D Animated movie “Guru Da Banda” directed by Joginder Singh Bhangalia and Sonu Bhangalia Released Worldwide on 24 August 2018 by Pritam Film Production.

“Guru Da Banda” is the first 3D Animated movie based on the life of warrior “Banda Singh Bahadur”. This movie arrived to your nearest theaters go and watch the movie and enjoy it with your family.

The 2-half-minute trailer of the movie will surely give you goosebumps that how they fought for our nation and live an inspirational life. The filmmaker “Jassi Chana” says that the people of our nation do not know about the Sikh history and how they protect our nation from the Mughals. So this movie is all about the sacrifices and rules of the Sikhism that the young generation have to be familiar with.

Banda Singh Bahadur was the first Sikh military commander who leads the Sikhs to get rid of the mughal’s brutality. Also he established sikh state with capital at Lohgarh. With the Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s blessings, Banda Singh Bahadur assembled the Sikh warriors and led them to protect our nation from the Mughal Empire.

This movie is released in Punjabi language in all over India and other countries. As this movie is based on the legendary warrior “Banda Singh Bahadur” so it will let you know several unknown facts about his life. The music by Lok Dhun makes this movie more enjoyable worldwide distribution by OMJEE Group.

People loved this movie and we got a tremendous response from all over the nation. They told us they love the movie because of its unique concept and exceptional storyline. We are thrilled that kids love our movie and learnt lot from it.  So, if you still didn’t watch our movie, then go to your nearest theater and watch it now!

If you want to watch the trailer or want to know more about this movie, go to the website www.gurudabanda.com.

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