\”Guru Da Banda\” Will Hit the Theaters on 24th august

“Guru da banda” is the latest 3D animated movie based on the Banda Singh Bahadur’s life and his achievements will be soon released Worldwide on 24 August 2018. This film is for those people who want to get connected to the Sikh history and culture. So please come with your family to watch the movie and appreciate the brilliance of the Sikhism.

The legendary “Banda Singh Bahadur” known as the commander of Sikh military who established a Sikh state at Lohgarh. This film is all about the life of Banda Singh Bahadur and how they fought for our nation and privileges against the cruel Mughal Empire.

With the blessings of the 10th Guru “Guru Gobind Singh Ji”, Banda Singh Bahadur come to the Sonipat and assembled Sikh military to fight against the Mughal Empire. He is the first leader of sikh military who lead Sikhs to fight against Mughals and their laws.

The Film maker and team believe that our young generation must have to familiar with the sacrifices and culture of our Sikhism and can grab the qualities of our fighters. The film is co-produced by the Joginder Singh Bhangalia and Sonu Bhangalia and will come near your theaters on 24-August-2018. This movie will be release in Punjabi Language in all over the India and few other countries. You can check the Trailer of this Film here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPkE8foYknU

As this movie is based on our hero “Banda Singh Bahadur” the makers believe that this name is perfect for this piece of art. The trailer of this movie is designed as per the viewer’s requirements so that they will easily recognize the story of the movie. This movie will surely release the unknown facts about the Banda Singh Bahadur that even you can’t find it on the Books. You will come to know that how they lead our Sikhs to win the battle against the Mughals and how they achieve their victories.

This Movie also Includes Songs which is sung by Famous Singers Like Daler mehndi which is also the title Song of “Guru Da Banda” you can watch on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L85Rgve9TaA . This Movie also Approved by SGPC.

Film: Guru Da Banda
Directed By: Joginder Singh Bhangalia and Sonu Bhangalia
Releasing Worldwide: August 24, 2018

To get the detailed information of the characters of this movie or watch the trailer, then go through our website www.gurudabanda.com.

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