Singing for public welfare, Chinese Songwriter Zhou Ziyue appeared in New York Times Square, Single “Awakening” released worldwide

On August 17, Chinese valentine’s day, high school freshman musician Zhou Ziyue’s single “Awakening” will be officially released by Kanjian music company, and the poster will appear on the big screen in New York Times Square the same day. This song is the theme song specially created for the third Stars Promise”, the Charity Carnival for autistic children in 2018, which was completed by Zhou Ziyue and famous French musician VASLO.

“Stars’ promise” is a large-scale charity event for autistic children, aiming to let more people know about this special group. With the popularization of public welfare, people have begun to pay attention to these “children of the stars,” to appeal for the understanding and care of them, and also to organize charity sales for them. While Zhou Ziyue, who is still a high school student, choose to voice for those children with his music:

Don’t be the bystander of fate

Hold your hand and by your side

Your life can also be infinite…

 – By Zhou Ziyue, Awakening

Zhou’s love of music makes him more proficient in the charm of art than the average man.

In his view, the children of stars will eventually shine. Through this song, he hopes to encourage autistic people wandering in the dark, to face life bravely and actively, even when they are trapped in their sleep, but there will still be a moment of awakening.s

In his heart, art and music undoubtedly can foil the most beautiful “wakening time.” The Power of music is infinite, can reach the depths of the soul which is why Zhou chooses music to voice for the public good. He knew that the “children of the Stars”, they would feel his special “company.”

The process of creating this “Awakening” is also a wonderful journey. Across the border, Zhou was first touched by a French song by the famous musician Vaslo. The melody was so beautiful that it struck his heart, and the undulating melody reminded him of the first rays of the morning sun. So he decided to make his own new words, to sing a different “sense of hope.”

Another one who also feel this hopewas the Kanjian music company.

After discovering the “Awakening” in NetEase Cloud music, the Kanjian music company immediately decided to support this high school musician. The global release of “Awakening” allows more people to see hope, makes more autistic people feel warmer and also provides more open platforms for more young Chinese musicians.

With one song to stand on the stage of Times Square, Zhou is still a little childish and slightly shy to say, “This is the happiest thing in my life.” It is also the first time that Chinese high school musicians have made their debut in Times Square. From here, the voice of young Chinese musicians is being heard more and more by the world.

In the era of pan-entertainment, music is still pure. The tense expression, quality theme and lyrics, and the creative productions together make age and seniority no longer a limitation. Just like the first heart of Kanjian music company-See Music Future, is to see the music and see the future. Go all out and let more talented young musicians like Zhou be able to move towards a brighter future and embrace a wider world.

Now, Zhous autistic charity single “Awakening” for “Stars’ Promise” has been released online. In the future, I believe we will hear more and more “awakening” of young voices from China, and we believe Zhou’s future will be bright.

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