NBLC – The Strongest One to Change the Market in 2018

The world is all talking about the most spectacular milestone of blockchain and cryptocurrency development. Although there was a pull back in this whole season of 2018, however, as there are more and more people searching in the internet and joining the blockchains, such phenomenon maintains the high expectations on the leading cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and EOS that they believe that they will rebound to its peak again.

However until today, even though BTC and other cryptocurrencies have over hundreds of billion dollars market values, they still need to face the reality finally, the problems of flow liquidity and the bottleneck of newborn coins technologies.

Introducing the new blood of 2018 – Nobel Coin (NBLC):

NBLC uses Proof of Stake & Sharing (POSS), a brand new system. The calculation of POSS provides a mining method that distributes more evenly. Not only for not using more powerful mining machine, they will be able to get more shares that are more rewarding, and they will be able to gain blockchain rewards for sharing to more people to download their wallet links and have their own shares. It works on blackberry application and no special mining hardware is needed, therefore it is energy efficient and ecofriendly, helping the world crisis in global greenhouse problem by reducing carbon emissions. 

Obviously, the proof of stake and sharing is able to solve the great energy wastage in the ecosystem and the competition problems between the mining facilities happening to bitcoin. Furthermore, POSS emphasizes on the market activeness and the numbers of stakeholders, than the riches’ game.

These characteristics overcome the demerits of POS and POW systems where the rich become richer. The calculation of proof of stake and sharing applies on the liquidity of NBLC. The blockchain reward of a NBLC user depends on the quantity of his NBLC and the numbers of his sharing of his wallet link, with more people joining in. In contrary, not other cryptocurrency ever thought of the supportive effect from such networking connections.

The more liquidity in more countries, the more corporations to join in NBLC

There are more countries starting to use NBLC in a certain range currently and partially accepting businesses and users are looking forwards to the development of its technology and healthy community. NBLC remains the minority cryptocurrency that grows steadily where others drastically got hammered; it is able to protect the benefits of its users and supporters. In fact, most of the stakeholders are optimistic towards its development vision and experiencing its fruitful technology.  

Currently, most of the stakeholders are coming from Europe and Asia, and NBLC is accepted for transactions especially in famous travel destinations. According to an unofficial analysis from the Asian cryptocurrency group, NBLC is one of the widely used cryptocurrency besides the crowned BTC and ETH, its numbers and regions are gradually widening. As summarized at the end of 31 July 2018, there were transactions estimated from more than 20 countries and regions.


I think that the era of blockchain is here, the economy trend will be turned a fresh page, BTC has once created the great financial legend but also caused regrets and pains to many, will this all new NBLC, change the world by storm? 

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