Hassan Malik And Tomas Herazon Is Back With Another Political Showdown With Jean Richmond At Couchtalktv Podcast

The Couchtalktv Podcast is back at another political showdown with Hassan Malik, Tomas Herazon, and Jean Richmond on its August 11, 2018 episode. Uncut and raw, the podcast for this day deals with Trump’s keep “America Great” campaign. In the podcast, Malik together with the other hosts bring out the charts, stats, and information on the current political status of the country.

In the podcast, the hosts actively and passionately debate the differences between former president Barack Obama and the current president Donald Trump. In a stake to understand the possible direction thee 2020 elections will head, Couchtalktv Podcast hosts a debate between Jean Richmond and Tomas Herazon, the other being a pro-Trump and the pro-Obama.

Hassan serves as the referee as the three tackles some of the hard-hit issues that the world is facing right now in political angles.  Among the topics tackled was how the Trump presidency affected and empowered the Americans as well as people of color. The hosts talked about particularly how the hip hop community used to like Trump but now started to dislike him.

One of the critical arguments in the podcast was how the American people empowered him to the highest position in the country. But now, they find him more and more unlikeable for always saying outlandish things without concern to people. On that note, Herazon talks Trump’s pollsters understanding how things stand for the president.

In this issue, the two contestants look deeper into how the minority will cast their vote. The panel analyzes the information and breaks down the facts to bring light to everyone. Back to Horizon’s argument, he says that the Hispanics are not going to vote for Trump and there are only a select few black people who will help put him in the White House.

Similarly, he argues that just like how Barack Obama gave hope to people during the critical time the United States of America was in, Donald Trump is giving hope to white supremacist culture. But even so, he does not believe it will stand for it. On the other hand, the other party counters that without the white people, Barack Obama would never have been in the office.

According to him, the white people are still the majority of the population. Moreover, he passionately talks about Trump’s leadership, how we went up to Russia and making peace with nations that have not been their allies. As it’s only the tip of the in-depth discussion on Trump and Obama’s presidency, people can hear more about this on Couchtalktv Podcast on YouTube.

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