8 in 10 Canadians Love to Barbecue: Is it Hot Dog Time Yet?

Everyone loves a barbecue. It’s when families and friends come together to enjoy a couple of drinks, have a good time and most importantly devour smoky, sizzling goodies. It’s mouth-watering just talking about it.

Even though summer’s the best time to light up that grill, barbecuing is now an all-year round activity and for a good reason – it’s delicious and healthy! According to a new study, Canadians are also getting more enthusiastic about the various types of grills available out there. 8 in 10 report owning a grill or a smoker and their main reasons relate to flavour (72%), lifestyle (52%), entertainment (40%) and as well convenience (33%).Beyond holidays where for many families and communities, barbecues have become tradition, almost half of Canadians (49%) turn to their BBQ cooking stations to celebrate birthdays. Others (24%) would not imaginer their camping trip without it, while sporting events seem also like a great opportunity to cook outside for 11% of them.

Needless to say, the most important part of a barbecue is what’s getting grilled. While vegetables have started to win territory, no barbecue is complete without a plate of piping hot wieners and sausages. And they’ve been a must ever since we can remember. Back in 2014, Canadians had about 75 million hot dogs and this number was predicated to double by 2019.

With the explosion of meat brands and options available on the market, it is easy to get side-tracked and go for the less tasty and healthy meats. This trend has led to many people giving up or being reluctant about cooking the ever-savoury hot dog. For example, over a third of Americanssay they wouldn’t have them anymore because of fears of what they might contain. But instead of giving them up completely, a much more practical solution is to get the facts on what’s the best out there. With Canada’s long-standing love for hot dogs, authentic products have kept their integrity. With a heritage of over 46 years old, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is one of the few places that have kept their commitment to keep on offering Canadians and especially residents of Ontario where their products are most popular, high-quality meats ready to make any barbecue an experience for the taste buds.

A hot dog made out of a simple, short list of ingredients is believed to be six times more likely to make it to the grill. Another priority is for the wiener of choice to be made out of 100 percent grass-fed beef, which only makes sense: no one wants chemicals and artificial ingredients in their food. While these concerns are valid, giving up hot dogs altogether is not.

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