The Rise of Corporate Housing in St Louis Missouri

In recent years, the popularity of corporate housing has increased significantly. As the country’s workforce and society as a whole increasingly develops around technology and mobility, short-term housing has become not only desirable but necessary. St. Louis Corporate Housing has contributed to this trend by offering affordable, comfortable corporate housing for the St. Louis area.

Corporate Housing’s Increasing Popularity

In 2017, the national number of corporate rentals rose 6.5% to over 71,000. Workers in technology-based jobs generate the highest demand for corporate and other short-term housing. While temporary accommodations for business purposes is still the top reason for utilizing corporate housing, other demographics are also jumping aboard as they discover fully-furnished, temporary apartments at an affordable price.

A Better Alternative to Extended Hotel Stays

As demands for work-related travel increase due to our global economy, extended stay hotels have also seen a fair amount of growth. However, corporate housing is considered by many to be the top choice. Relocation and training are cited as the top two reasons for the use of corporate housing, at 54% of the market. Corporate housing can provide all the perks of home instead of the stuffiness of hotels, at a less expensive price. St. Louis Corporate Housing and other similar companies have pricing that is all-inclusive, unlike hotels that charge items separately, resulting in surprises on the final bill.

Feel At Home, Without the Hassle 

By 2020, it is expected that adults ages 21-30 will make up a large number of corporate employees. As part of the millennial generation, many of these people function as non-traditional tenants. Some don’t want all of the obligations that go along with apartment or condo living, especially if they’re frequently traveling. Corporate housing, such as St. Louis Corporate Housing, provides the benefits of apartment living without the drawbacks. The rooms are usually fully furnished, include all needed appliances, and responsibilities are minimal.  The tenant can make their own meals, claim their space, and settle in. Most have all the amenities required to function in today’s tech-savvy world, all included in one set price.

Workers are not the only demographic relying more on this type of temporary housing. People whose homes are being remodeled, who are in the military, or who are embroiled in a divorce or separation are turning more and more to this type of housing. Corporate housing allows people in these situations to get back on their feet.

In Conclusion

Corporate housing has and will continue to rise in popularity due to its apartment-like feel, affordability, and convenience over the alternatives. As demand increases, more corporate housing providers are appearing with steady regularity. Companies such as St. Louis Corporate Housing offer exciting solutions to fulfill those needing temporary accommodations.

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