August 21th, 2018 – With the constant decrease in deer population, Point Optics is thrilled to announce a call for applications to its Hunting for Conservation Scholarship program.

The scholarship was launched by the website in an attempt to increase deer awareness and management. Point Optics will be awarding $1000 to a student who submits the best well researched and written essay on prescribed topics by the website’s management. Students will be required to submit a 700+ word article covering any one of the following topics:

“The impact of hunting on wild deer behaviour”

“The importance of wild deer conservation

“How to design food plots for deer”

“Chronic wastings disease in Whitetail deer”

Seeing as hunting covers a wide scope, the essay topics were selected by Point Optics team based on the increasing need to raise awareness and inform people about the decreasing population of wild deer. “We’ve launched this scholarship to help the public recognize that the wild deer population is decreasing and encourage people to keep helping them. As counter intuitive it is to say that hunting helps conservation it is well known that the hunter industry generates an astronomical amount of revenue which is ultimately pumped back into the conservation of the deer. An increase in disease and a decline in habitat and fawn numbers are some of the key reasons for this decrease. We want to make sure that we are doing our bit” A representative of Point Optics said in a statement released to the press about the scholarship.

Applications are opened to students enrolled in full-time Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies in any university, they must NOT be graduating in the  semester following the applications. The scholarship is also open to high school students in their final year of study. The Deadline for essay submission is the 31st of December 2019. Winners will be announced on January 31st, 2020.

Students should submit their essay to scholarship@pointoptics.com or fill out the scholarship form available on Point Optics’ scholarship web page www.pointoptics.com/scholarship/.

For more information about Point Optics and the Hunting for Conservation scholarship, please visit the Point Optics website at www.pointoptics.com.

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