New online fraud prevention product developed for the mass market to get a full release in September 2018

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What has changed most in our society over the last 100 years is the exponential growth of all kinds of fraud. It is accurate and true to say we now live in a fraud frenzy. Every second of every day sees multiple fraud events occurring. This is how most folks become acquainted with fraud for the first time. By way of response to this fraud frenzy, will launch the first online fraud prevention course designed for everyday use.

Research shows 95% of fraud events go unreported. The annual cost of fraud runs to billions every year! In 2016, there was over $50 billion stolen  through identity theft alone. By the end of 2018, over $60 billion is projected to be lost in online gaming frauds. At the rate that fraud is increasing around the globe it’s no longer a question of if or maybe, but when folks are going to get hit hard by a fraud event. To prevent fraud nowadays, we all have to be proactive and work together.  While there are many ID theft services on the market, there is little protection offered against all other, countless fraud scams. This is why the Fraud Prevention 101 (FP101) course was created and developed.

FP101 is like nothing else currently on the market. “The main objectives of this course are to ensure that the user will know what fraud is, what it does and how it functions. How to become fraud aware without using deep math to do that. To have a better quality of life and improve personal security. Education really is prevention. You don’t have to understand what fraud is to beat it, you just have to know what it is.”

Fraud has become so pervasive that it regularly goes undetected. The consequences of fraud  are often declared as unlucky, accidental or unfortunate. This is not true. We cannot continue to accept fraud events as normal, not when there are so many ways to protect ourselves from it. is designed as the average person’s first line of defense against fraud. This course will take you through our fraud history, its disguises, how it operates, and how to develop the right mindset to dramatically reduce exposure to fraud. We’re not saying this product will cure our fraud frenzy, but it is a vital first step in becoming fraud aware.

A fraud prevention education can cost thousands and is typically geared to the protection of business interests. Not anymore. While this fully interactive course is available online for an unprecedented low price, there will also be a special scholarship program available to law enforcement professionals, serving military personnel, retired seniors and other selected areas. This Scholarship program will be fully detailed after the review stages of the project launch.

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This course is fully supported with real fraud crime reports collected from reputable media resources @

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