Virch adopts a win-or-claim system with the launch of crypto exchange

Innovative digital currency exchange, Virch, aims to help change the cryptocurrency space with the adoption of a win-or-claim system

Virch is a newly established innovative cryptocurrency exchange that is looking to change the digital currency space forever as it looks to help holders of crptocurrencies when they dropped astronomically to recoup their money with the adoption of a unique win-or-claim system. This game-changing innovation is entering another trading cycle that is scheduled to re-open on the 13th of November 2018.

The concept of digital currency has become increasingly popular and accepted in recent times, with more businesses and even individuals realizing the huge potentials of the concept. While businesses have embraced the concept due to its amazing features which include safety, security, and decentralization, individuals, traders, and investors alike have entered the space to enjoy the potential capital appreciation of digital currencies. However, the bloodbath witnessed in the digital currency space that saw the likes of Bitcoin, which has been described as the mother of all cyrptos dropping over $1,000 has been a major setback for holders of the currency, many of which are still battling with the effects of the depreciation. Virch is, however, coming as a lifesaver of some sort, helping the victims of the Bitcoin decline to claim back the value of their asset using a unique system.

Virch has adopted a win-or-claim system with their own-developed PRS financial mechanism, allowing people to win either in form of capital gain as obtainable with traditional exchanges or reclaim the value of their asset from the PRS redemption pool by holding their issued asset – Virchip (VIRC) at the end of each trading cycle, which provides an escape from the loss and prevent future market risks.

The game-changing mechanism adopted by Virch comes with a high level of financial independence with trading volumes of more than 60 different digital currencies. This ensures that the value claimable accumulates throughout each trading cycle, leading to a continuous increase in the e value of VIRC over time.

With Virch expanding their scale of business and introducing more tradable assets, trading is increased and so does the pool and the value of VIRC. This also means that VIRC will probably never experience the same price drop as the global cryptocurrency market, as its value is always backed by a huge basket of assets, making it one of the world’s best risk-hedging asset ever.

Virch is currently undergoing an Advanced Sale Round of VIRC, after the completion of its initial investment round in 2017, giving every investor the opportunity to earn as much as 90% more before the current round ends at 14th September.

The uniqueness and potential of the project have helped to increase its acceptance of popularity, as the sale round already hit the 50% mark in less than 24 hours after the round started. Therefore, interested persons are urged to take the bull by the horn and join the revolution.

More information about Virch can be found on the website. There is also a Virch Investor Group for Investors on Telegram to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest happenings on the project.

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