Unleashed Can Answer the Question of How African Countries Prosper

It is true that third-world countries are poor. It is also true that African countries, as a group, have the poorest third world countries in the world. Most of the populations of African countries are living below the global poverty line. There are many reasons for the status quo. One of them is wrong decisions made by the governments over many decades after independence. The question is what will it take to expand the economic status of the African countries and lift the incomes of African people?

Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade, by John Akhile Sr., is a book that can answer a lot of questions about Africa. The book gives an insight on how other some countries used the right policies to improve the quality of life of their people. It also expounds on how some of the most developed countries in the world achieved success. Armed with this information, policymakers can craft new innovative strategies for priming the pump of economic development.

The book also targets some of the problems and apathy on the part of African governments and on the challenges posed by some cultural norms of African people. Unleashed will help people in government to manage their responsibilities. It will provide a window into how policy-makers can good and efficient policies that have a track record of success in other places. It can also help the people of African countries to understand the importance of their role in creating good governance by properly exercising their rights as citizens. Unleashed propounds that if African people elect good, righteous leaders, they are likely to get good governance structures.

Unleashed takes aim at the NGO community and the destructive role they are playing in African countries. By doing things that African governments should do for their citizens and by being a source of funds for meeting budgetary needs, they are enabling bad leadership by eliminating direct accountability to voters. Bad leaders are able to remain in power because they are tethered to NGO cash for sustenance. One of the main objectives of the book is to highlight the role of NGO systems that are operational in African countries. Unleashed purports that NGOs have designed a system of treatments, rather than permanent cures, that perceives African countries as perpetual patients.

The message of Unleashed is being shared through a Podcast hosted by the author, John Akhile Sr. and Gayle Cottrill, Marketing Director of Unleashed and moderator of the podcast. Unleash Africa Podcast is available on the website: http://unleashafricantrade.com

About Unleashed:

Unleashed is a book written by one of the most renowned personality John. I. Akhile Sr. His field of interest includes international market. The aim of writing this book is to share strategies that will improve the economic status of African countries.

For more information: http://www.unleashafricantrade.com/

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