The SEO Scientists from Novatise Launched New Services in Singapore

SEO is not simple. It takes years and years of training and adaptability to get the right mix.

A good SEO company isn’t an instant success, it takes years of toil and hardwork, and also aconstant learning.

One such company is Novatise Pte Ltd founded by Jon Ng about three years back. Novatise is a full scale SEO focused company that aim at providing tangible value to customers.

Novatise have helped companies in various niches to improve their online presence and make it a viable channel for constant business.

The companies they have helped are in the Restaurant business, Mobile Phone Retailers, Nail Salons, Cutting Edge Mobile App companies, Travel companies, Product companies, and many more.

Novatise SEO had launched a new service via their portal called The Blogger Outreach Services, reaching out to bloggers located in Singapore for editorial efforts. They also provide free SEO website audit for companies who wish to rank better on Google.

Novatise is a result focused SEO agency and some of the services they offer are:

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the ways to bring more SEO juice to a website. In simple terms, when a site with good authority links to a website, then this site’s ranking improves. Novatise’ guest blogging service is vast. They work with hundreds of bloggers across various niches to help their customers improve their ranking:

SEO Driven Copywriting Services

A lot of companies do offer copywriting services. But just copywriting will not help improve the ranking of a site. If that was the case, then every person could rank a site in no time. When copywriting is married with good SEO strategies, then we have a winning combination. Novatise’s copywriting service is goal driven. They don’t write content to just write content. They write to convert, bring more traffic, and improve rankings: 

Free SEO Audit

Novatise offers every business in Singapore a Free SEO Audit. A Free SEO Audit basically checks the SEO effort of a business and points out areas where it can be improved. It’s absolutely free and there is no need for a commitment:

About the Founder – Jon Ng

Jon is a serial entrepreneur. He runs various blogs apart from running Novatise. He left a lucrative job in the financial industry to pursue entrepreneurship and explore his love for marketing and advertising.

Jon’s experience in the financial space makes him very ROI driven and runs each and focuses on each campaign to maximise every dollar spent.

He has had a wide range of entrepreneurial stints, that give him an innate understanding of businesses from various Industries. This understanding of businesses has led to the effective growth of companies that are in the furniture business to ones that are in software.

Jon’s belief – “Every business can do well online and just like scientists finding a cure after trials. We run experiments to find the perfect marketing and advertising channels for your business.”

Working with Novatise

Novatise focus on having a close working relationship with their customers and for this reason, they meet and interact with their customers on a one on one basis and also assign a special point of contact for each of their campaign. They bring the professionalism of the hospitality industry to the marketing and advertising business.

Additional details are available at

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