The Chairman of ManMing Holding Group: Wang Haiqiao CNS Ecology Theory opens up a new era of human life

To meet the challenge, seize the opportunity, to tap the commercial opportunity, it seems to be a perennial topic around all enterprises. The CNS Ecology theory was released and gave the latest and most correct answer to this topic. Many entrepreneurs and wise men follow this new era of economic leaders and march forward to compete for the lucky ones in the Media Circle, CNS Ecology theory Also spreads by the world’s authoritative platform, wave of waves triggered a deep exploration.

The innovative practice of the eco-planet will allow the digital citizens from the planet to gain a freer, democratic and equal transparent living environment through a way that people have never dared to think of, and a new world in which the spirit of high efficiency is paramount. The CNS ecology theory also leads the transformation of the business model and leads people Changes in the concepts of life, work, entertainment and consumption.

“Mr Wang Haiqiao pointed out that” CNS ecology theory will completely break the human survival and development of traditional law, and the real life of another kind of life – the Internet,” are increasingly dominate the human development, humans began to live on the Internet, the Internet of ideology and mode, the evolution of the human spirit in the network virtual world of the world’s life, truly achieve more than 2000 years ago Mr Plato put forward the concept of “utopia”, let the human dream precious experience for many times in life experience.

A brief introduction to the ecology theory of ManMing CNS: “ecological planet”  built  in the virtual Internet world. It may be established by the corporate, natural person or alliance organization itself. completely run with the laws of the Internet world (freedom, democracy, equality, transparency, sharing efficiency, asset-light…). To provide a complete spiritual service to a vertical population, which is the inhabitants of the country. The degree and length of service that a country provides to its inhabitants to meet their human needs determines its life cycle.

The country has independent sovereignty and control of operation, low operation cost, easy management, no limit of land area and number of people. You can have your own independent economy and monetary system. We do not need the military, food, energy and other hard conditions. Closely related to the real world, national residents are the customers of a large number of commercial and financial enterprises in the real world. the expenses of business promotion and financial benefits are the important sources of national income in the real-world, the national distribution mechanism is transparent and fair, and all residents are distributed according to their work. Their income can be much higher than that of the real world. The same resident can live in many different countries at the same time. The modes of diplomacy between countries are diverse.

It is the true “republic” (Plato) that human beings can successfully establish with technology in the virtual world. It provides a second, three, or more opportunities for real human life. Hope to participate in the ManMing Group in the virtual world of the Internet started to join the alliance of wealth, the partners who dream to develop a new economic growth point  for the Chinese great Renaissance, I personally think “CNS ecology” theory will be published “das kapital” human in more than one hundred years after the first major breakthrough in the basic theory of economics, it is possible that direct Internet civilization in the future development trends in 100 one of the most important theories of… In this theory,  every economic model in the real world is likely to fail. The inevitability of the human mind’s manipulation of the body will lead to the “eco-state” to a great extent to have an important control over the real world, which will lead to a wholesale change in the existing operational rules of the real world…

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