Unique Hair Styling Product for Men Changes Everything

Shae butter has been used for centuries as a premium skin and hair product because of its advanced moisturizing and skin healing properties. Shae butter has many vitamins that aid in the skin’s healing process. One of these vitamins is vitamin A, which helps improve many skin conditions such as eczema, sunburns, blemishes, and also wrinkles. Apart from its healing properties, shea butter also acts as a superior skin moisturizer and helps heal certain types of skin wounds like rashes and lacerations. It also promotes advanced scar treatments. 

It is important to know that not all shea butter is created equal. The fresher the shea butter, the better it works. This is why it is important to constantly check on your shea products. The more natural and less fragrant, the better, since most companies alter the natural components in order to make it smell better or look better. This is mainly due to customers preferring Shea products for skin that look fancier. However, there are some products that integrate shea butter into their make-up in order to improve the quality of their merchandise. For example, you likely have seen lotions that include shea butter as an ingredient, but they do not advertise it as a shea butter product because it is not the main component. These companies use shea butter as an aid to their main function and the shea butter improves the quality of their product because of the previously mentioned properties. 

One product that adopts the consistency of soft shea butter is Chaptr Hair. The company was founded by Carlos Roberto and Jordan O’Brien with the intention of creating a men’s hair product that would style hair without a crunchy residue and that would focus on high-quality ingredients and fine textures. The high-quality ingredients that are found in their products make for a styling cream that works for all types of hair. It leaves the hair soft yet able to hold its shape after styling. It is very easy to apply and molds hair to where it is soft to the touch and is easily re-touched when needed.

Although the Chaptr Hair products do not have a direct relationship with shea butter, its texture is derived from a shea butter texture. This is what gives the product an edge when it comes to being able to mold hair in any desired way. Unlike mousse and hairspray, the use of a creamy texture enables the user to better apply the product to the hair since cream allows much more control over styling and leaves no sticky residue. The products also does not make hair crunchy to the touch. 

All in all, even though their products do not contain shea butter, the high-quality ingredients present in the product make it a great hair product for men with all kinds of hair. The company continues to expand and release new kinds of styling creams. Their mission is to have the highest quality, most affordable product available in the market so that everyone can have a try.

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