Sustainable Farming Trend Makes Farm Properties Popular Again

What began as a fad, has lasted well into the trend stage, and may even surpass the evolution of cultural values checkpoint, organic foods have affected citizens of both big cities and small towns everywhere. When concerns about pesticides and GMOs grew, so did the organic foods movement. Before, shoppers could only find a few fruits and vegetables grown organically. Now, there are bagged, bundled, and even processed foods labeled “certified organic” all over grocery stores.

Sustainability is taking organic farming to the next level by employing farming best practices for replenishing resources to the earth rather than stripping them for all they are worth. Millennials are big proponents of the sustainability movement and are more likely than any other age group to patron shops that commit to sustainable practices over ones that don’t. Besides shopping at sustainable stores, many millennials are going back to society’s agricultural roots and growing their own food. Eventually some of them decide to make a life of it and start growing food on a larger scale for market. Because of the sustainability trend, farm land for sale Wisconsin has become a hot commodity once again. In fact, for only the second time in the past century, the number of young farmers is increasing. Elite Realty Group is one business that’s helping young millennials find affordable farms in Wisconsin.

While student debt is still a huge prohibitive factor for first-time home buyers, those looking for Eau Claire homes for sale are starting to consider farm purchases at the same price point. This way, they can save money on food costs by growing their own and can start their own organic and sustainable business by growing food for market. Many organic famers take their produce to farmer’s markets and will join up with other farmers in the area to sell their goods in bulk to nearby grocery stores. As more citizens become aware and convicted of reducing their carbon footprint, buying local is essential. Even big brand stores are jumping on the bandwagon and have struck deals for local produce with farmers in the area. Shoppers can often see which foods are local by the advertisements declaring produce as “locally grown”.

While there certainly have been worse food trends over the years, it seems that organic and sustainable farming is sticking around. For millennials wanting a simpler way of life and a way to give back to the environment, organic farming may be just the answer. As for the rest of society, they can rest assured that the next generation is doing their best at providing a better tomorrow.

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